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I know this has probably been asked a million times buy I just can't seem to find answer that takes care of this problem.


I have over 1000 pictures on my iPhone and have them backed up in iPhoto. I need to create more space on my phone and photos take up most of my storage.


I've created a file in iphoto (called "photos for iPhone") with photos that I'd like to keep on my iphone at all times. How do I set things up with iTunes/iPhoto so that in the future, whenever I synch my iPhone, all photos from my iphone will automatically be backed up into iPhoto and only photos I have in that special folder (photos for my iPhone) in iPhoto will be left on my iPhone?


If you can help, please be very specific with step-by-step directions.


All help is greatly appreicated!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Not sure what you mean.


    The photo sync is one way - computer to iphone.  Whatever you have selected under the photos tab will be synced to your iphone.


    Pics taken with the iphone should be imported to your computer regularly as with any digital camera.

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    I guess what I mean is - what should the specific settings be in iTunes and/or iPhoto so that when I sync my iPhone, all new photos from my iphone get backed up in iphoto, and then they come off my phone.


    Any new photos backed up in iphoto that I want to keep on my phone, I could then add them to this created folder in iphoto and sync again to get them back on my phone.


    I just don't want tons of photos on my iphone at all times - just selected ones after I've done a sync. The rest I want on my computer.


    Again, thank you for any help possible!

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    Just bumping this back up in hopes that someone can help with suggestions - thank you!

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    ok i think i know how to help;


    first sync up your iphone to iphoto and when it asks if you want to keep or delete photos, click the delete.


    then you will have no photos on your iphone. (if you still have some delete the rest off of your iphone because they are already synced to your mac, right?)


    second, in itunes sync iphone, go to the photos tab and check the sync photos to tab (select from iphoto)

    then check "selected albums" under that. after that choose that "special" folder you made i believe it was called iphone photos. now that will be the only photos that sync.


    i hope this helps