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Please i really need some help

ok so


i updated the software on my macbook using software update

after installing i restarted the computer.

and this happened.

- the start-up screen took an long time. (a lot longer than usual)

- the keyboard was completly unresponsive.

- the trackpad worked, i was able to move the cursor around the screen, and wake the computer from sleeping but not able to click or select anything. (making it pointless)

- the only working part to my laptop was the power button.


so basically i could turn my computer on

move the mouse around the screen, but not click or select anything or use the keyboard in anyway.



i tried to fix the computer by

- re-booting by holding down the power button. i tried this over 8 times, waiting a while after each attempt before restarting the device.

- force quitting, that didnt work because the keyboard didn't.

- with and with out power adapter.

- using a remote keyboard and mouse, and a USB keyboard and mouse, did not work.


but all failed!


please any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    First things first. What MacBook model do you have? Which version of OSX are you running?

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    I just got the same problem. Track pad and key board lockup after software update on 10/9/2011. Firmware was updated and notes in firmware update referred to keyboard issues. I should not have ran the update as I had no issues but I trusted the updates from Apple. Now I do have an issue and have update remorse.


    Macbook OSX version 10.6.8, 1.83 GHz, Intel Core 2 Duo, Memory 1GB, 667MHz, DDR2, 160GB HD


    I now notice that the track pad will work after I removed the battery and replaced. But when I open Mail it locks up. Trackpad and keyboard are fine so far on all programs but when I open mail, immediately it locks up.


    Never did this until the firmware update yesterday.




    UPDATE: I just found this thread and it solves the problem. https://discussions.apple.com/message/16161031#16161031

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    MBP early 2008 here (purchased late fall 2008 as closeout)


    Experienced the typical trackpad/keyboard issue and read through this and other threads.  Just before my Applecare ran out last fall I had the Apple Store replace the Flex cable.  All seemed to work well until recently when the problem returned.


    I thought it was related to heat since it seemed to happen after the unit was in use for a while but now it can happen even a minute or so after waking from sleep or even on start. 


    I barely used this machine for the first couple years so the battery seems to be good.  Here is the System Profiler readout:


    Charge Information:

      Charge remaining (mAh):    5003

      Fully charged:    No

      Charging:    Yes

      Full charge capacity (mAh):    5089

      Health Information:

      Cycle count:    37

      Condition:    Good

      Battery Installed:    Yes

      Amperage (mA):    287

      Voltage (mV):    12579


    Anything here that looks like it might be bad?  I can't see anything wrong. I took it out and checked the cable but it also seems to be snug.  Or could it be too snug?


    Edit: OK, somehow this post was added on to the wrong thread...

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    I had a problem with my MacBook Pro 13" (2012) when the keyboard and trackpad stopped working for seemingly no apparent reason. When I consulted with Apple Care, they had me reset the PRAM, which did the trick for me. From what I understand, the PRAM is memory that the computer uses to keep basic display and input preferences and info, even when the computer's turned off.


    Weeks ago I had installed a 3rd party mouse and keyboard. Even though I wasn't using them when the problem happened, Apple Care said maybe the software accidentally interfered.


    To reset the PRAM, I restarted the computer, and when the apple screen came up and the chime happened, I pushed COMMAND+OPTION+P+R (four keys), and waited for it to re-chime a couple times. Then the keyboard & trackpad worked again! See the About NVRAM & PRAM page for details.


    Might not be a cure-all, but it helped in my situation.