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I use Aperture 2 on my iMac (snow leopard).

I bought a new MacBook Pro (Lion) and want to put

Aperture 2 on the Macbook then upgrade to Aperture 3.

The Macbook won't take it. Tells me Aperture is not compatible.


I need a photo organizer/editor for the MacBook and if aperture 2 won't

work, does anyone have another suggestion as to what I can do or use.

I'd rather not use full Photoshop (too expensive) and I'm told that

Photoshop Elements 10 will not read Apertures photo library.


Ideas ... anyone .... please.

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    For anyone who may be interested..... after a little bit of hassle finally spoke with a

    techie in the aperture department.


    It seems Aperture 2 is not compatible with the Lion (OS 10.7.1)

    You need Aperture 3 (no surprise there).

    You can download Aperture 3 from the app store for $80.


    Aperture 2's library will be recignized by the Mark 3 program and will be

    updated to work with Aperture 3 ...which will make it unuseable by Aperture 2.


    upshot is .... if you upgrade to Apert 3 ..you gotta do it on all your computers

    or not at all.


    actively looking at Photoshop Elements 10 instead. At least that way I can use the same program on all my ,machines and download from one to the other without compatibility problems.