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I copied folder tree that stores external masters from HDD A to HDD B. (by HDD A's SMART warn)

then I use 'find referenced maters' -> 'reconnect all' masters entirely to images stored by HDD B ,

Almost images are reconnected,

But some images still offline.

I used 'find referenced maters' again with one of still offline imges.

then go to downside of 'find refrerenced masters' dialog, select corresponding image in HDD B,

But 'reconnect' button not active and not show thumbnail image.

Most of offlined images are scanned JPEG images.


Any suggestions are wellcome.

Thank you.

MacBookPro 15,8GB,500GB, Mac OS X (10.7.1), Mid 2010
  • Kirby Krieger Level 6 Level 6

    I don't know a way to fix this without redoing something.  How many not-reconnected Images are there?  You can try this:

    - copy the not-reconnected Masters

    - change the not-reconnected Masters to the _exact_ file name that each Image reports as it's Master

    - try to reconnect to the newly renamed Masters


    You can also re-import the Masters no longer associated with the Images-missing-Masters, and then Lift & Stamp the adjustements and metadata from the Images-missing-Masters onto the newly created Images (and then delete the old orphaned Images).


    Weirdly, Aperture has gone on and dis-associated the Master-Version pair for some of the one I have done this to.


    You should, of course, move Masters _only_ from within Aperture (but the problem can occur even when you do).


    I've seen problem with less than a dozen Images out of several hundred thousand spread across a few Libraries (i.e: something like 1/400 of 1%).  I haven't carried my trouble-shooting any further.