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I'm trying to play a .AVI movie in QuickTime but I'm getting the following error:

QuickTime cannot open the file: "quake4_7.avi"
the movie contains an incorrect duration (-2014)

I have flip4mac installed. Also, when I ask to get info on the file, it correctly shows the file size but does not show any codec information. I don't think the file is corrupted, because I can get it to run on a PC.

Any thoughts? Thank you.

iBook G3 Dual USB, Mac OS X (10.4.4)
  • JulieJulieJulie Level 4 (1,030 points)
    Its not Get Info, its the feature in QuickTime Player called "Show Movie Info" which is under the Window menu and has the key command command-i just like Get Info in the Finder does. The Show Movie Info feature will display the video and audio codec info but the trick is that you have to be able to open the file in QuickTime Player... DOH!

    Try getting info on the file from within either MPlayer OSX or VLC (both are free downloads listed at VersionTracker.com or MacUpdate.com)
  • stewmac Level 1 (0 points)

    MPlayer OS X can't play the file; in fact, it crashes every time it tries to play it. VLC, however, handles it no problem.

    The VLC info window says the codc is mp42. I don't anything about this codec. Any reason why it wouldn't play in QT or MPlayer OS X?

    Thanks for your help JulieJulieJulie.