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Installing Windows on iMac?

I finally decided  to install Win XP oniMac. Reading Boot Camp Instructions all went well until afterputting windows disk in drive I have no mouse or keyboard functions.I'm using keyboard & mouse that came with my imac,  both are plugin USB connections (keyboard plugs in USB port at rear of iMac &Mouse into keyboard USB slot) I did read in Boot Camp that a USBkeyboard and mouse, or a built-in keyboard and trackpad  is required,so I reasoned since keyboard & supplied mouse are USB poweredthey would be alright, not so.Windows is prompting to push ENTER or F3 to continue, but I have no function or mouse pointer to do this.Plus I can't eject Windows disk or nothing else but hold button downon rear to shut down iMac, then if I restart iMac we go back to Windows trying to install again. How do I get outta this mess? Evenif I get another USB keyboard will it function, or am I missingsomething here? Thanks for any help here. 

Mac OS X (10.5.2)
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    I take it you have not yet installed the windows drivers, you should read the Boot Campdocumentation carefully, install the drivers and enjoy

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    Correct, I have not been able to get that far (if I readcorrectly) let me show where I’m at and where the stopping point is;



    InstallingWindows on your Mac computer involves the following steps:

    Step 1: Run Boot Camp Assistant.

    BootCamp Assistant helps you with these tasks:


    Creatinga partition for Windows

    BootCamp Assistant creates a partition for Windows on your computer’s startup or

    otherinternal disk.


    Startingthe Windows installation

    BootCamp Assistant gets you started with the Windows installation.


    Step 2: Install Windows.

    Step 3: Install the Boot Camp drivers on your Windows volume.


    Step 2: is where I'm at.

    This is on screen,


    Windows Setup

    To set up windows xp now, press enter

    To repair windows xp using recovery console , press R

    To quit setup without installing windows xp, press F3


    I’m not able to press Enter or F anything on keyboard(although while windows start was loading I did notice keyboard drivers say were being loaded) it’s like keyboard is not plugged in at all.


    So now on boot up windows screen opens asking to press enter, ECT, which I cannot. Also windows disk is in optical drive and with no keyboard function I cannot eject it.


    Is there away to eject windows disk & also boot up with Mac OS X instead of windowsinstall prompt?

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    Reboot, hold the option key down, when the boot manager appears select OSX (if your kbd is not working at this point you will need another kbd), once booted go to preferences>startupdisk and choose OSX as the default, eject the cd the normal way.

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    Thank you so very much. This worked perfectly without ahitch, and of course Keyboard functioned with OSX just like always.


    I’m reviewing Boot  Camp instructions now to find what I’m missing on Keyboard & Driversas Windows Partition is there. From reading again I have to install Windowsfirst, and then install drivers to work with Mac. Seems the problem is gettingKeyboard to work to install Windows First.

    ................................................................................ ................................................................................ ................


    TheBoot Camp Assistant application helps you create the Windows partition and

    restartyour Mac using your Windows installation disc. Then you can follow these

    instructionsto install Windows and install software drivers that enable Windows to

    work withyour Mac hardware.