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I've noticed all of a sudden the sounds on my iPhone have stopped working - but only sometimes. About 90% of the time, the message tone for receiving a text is silent even with the sounds are switched on. Sometimes out of the blue the tones actually work. I'm using a standard message tone on the iPhone with the iOS5 GM.


The lock noises work about 50% of the time, new mail noises never work, sent mail works sometimes and ringtones for incoming calls seem to work all the time.


Playing music isn't possible. The iPod app shows the music playing, but there is no sound. If I double click the home button and swipe to the volume, it just shows an empty slider with no dial - ie it's not possible to even set the volume.


Not sure if this is a software bug or a hardware issue, but it stopped working when i had an iPhone beta version running and still hasn't been fixed with the GM.


Has anyone experienced anything similar?