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ipod wont connect to itunes

iPod touch, iOS 4.3.2
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    My iPod and both of my son's iPod's (all touches) are not recognized by iTunes either! I have gone through ALL troubleshooting steps and nothing works. Cannot update the iPod, cannot add music from my computer that I didn't purchase through iTunes. Seems TONS of people are having this issue, hope it gets fixed REAL FAST!

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    I went through the entire process as outlined by Apple...and from searching the internet so have tons of others, and still, iPod is not even showing up as a device. When I run diagnostics the iPod's are not even recognized at being attached. I have tried the list of things Apple has said to do, none have solved the issue, for me or countless others. My son was going to buy a new iPod touch, I have told him to wait since iTunes will not recognize any devices.


    The only thing I have not done is reset my iPod...I have read that too many people have done that and still their iPods are not recognized by iTunes and thus they cannot restore them and have lost all apps/games etcetera. With the # of people having issues I believe there is a software issue....

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    - Do you have another computer to try to help determine if you have an iPod or computer problem.

    - Have you tried another cable?

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    When I plug my iPod Touch into my computer it will show up on "Computer" as a Portable Device/Apple iPod/Digital Camera...however, it is not a camera, it is a 3rd generation Touch...no camera.


    As well, iTunes does not automatically open when attaching the iPod, so I have to manually open iTunes. When I do open iTunes, I have NO device attached...therefore, no synching can occur, no songs can be added to my iPod, NOTHING. It basically renders the iPod useless and stuck where it's at!

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    I did try another cable. As well, it will charge my iPod when plugged in, so the cable is 'working'.


    We do have 3 other computers in the house, my worry is that iTunes is not downloaded on those computers, so if I plug my iPod in to them will it delete what is on any of the given iPod's? I have always updated all iPods from my main computer, not the others.

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    In my mind, since I am most definitely not alone with regards to this issue...I find it hard to believe that all of a sudden so many people are having 'the same' cable issue or 'the same' computer issue. The one constant with this problem is the Apple device and iTunes....but not each individual computer...so this leads me to believe the issue is bigger than just my computer or my cable...

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    After MUCH aggravation....AFTER trying all the fixes outlined by Apple Support, AFTER contacting Apple Help and doing what they said, NOTHING WORKED.


    I searched the internet again and found the simplest of instructions. They explain that with the new iTunes update some iPods are being recognized as digital camerast rather than iPods, which mine was doing. This is how I fixed it. Attach your iPod to your computer.

    1. Open the Device Manager. (To do this right click on My Computer or Computer, click on Properties, and then click on Device Manager).

    2. Find you iPod. Normally it will show up on it's own, but since your computer is recognizing it as a digital camera it may be under something else; mine was under Portable Devices.


    Even though it is saying drivers are up to date based on all Apple Fixes, you DO HAVE TO MANUALLY UPDATE DRIVERS...and this is what you have to do!


    3. Select the Apple iPod by double clicking on it when you find it.

    4. Select Driver on the tabs and click on Update Driver.

    5. Choose Browse My Computer for Driver Software. Once opened, you must locate this file: Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers. Select that folder and Click Next. Once the update is complete, unplug your iPod. Wait 30 seconds and plug it back in...your computer should now recognize the iPod.


    To whoever found out about this fix and posted it, THANK YOU!!! I have spent hours and hours following Apples advice to no avail...but this fix, posted online by someone else, DID work...so thank you for posting it!

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    My problems is exactly the same.  The only difference unfortunately is that the fix you suggest still doesn't work.  Upon selecting the driver folder I receive a note that the most up to date driver is already installed.  Beyond that it appears that the iPod shows up both as a portable device and as a USB controller. 


    Any other ideas?  Anyone???

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    same where my ipod touch does not even come up i am stuck on on the usb and itunes icones so i cant do any think i wish i never spend 150 quid on a apple product

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    i did that too and it said the same thing ugh....and i dont know what else to do

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    This problem has rendered my iPod touch utterly USELESS. I cannot download anything therefore I am frustrated beyond belief.  The Apple fix does not work, and either does anything that anybody has posted here.  Apple needs to do something about this, as there are many people having this same issue.