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So, I was under the impression that iCloud will only work with Lion and NOT with Snow Leopard.  I read many discussions stating the same.  However, I was at my local Apple store and this issue arose with one of the Apple employees.  The employee stated I can continue using Snow Leopard and use iCloud.  I asked again and he stated, "you can use iCloud with Snow Leopard". 


For some reason I am doubtful, but has anyone else now if this is truc, will iCloud work with Snow Leopard?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    According to the information here >


    "iCloud requires iOS 5 on iPhone 3GS or later, iPod touch (3rd and 4th generation), iPad, or iPad 2; a Mac computer with OS X Lion; or a PC with Windows Vista or Windows 7 (Outlook 2007 or 2010 required for accessing contacts and calendars). Some features require a Wi-Fi connection. Some features are not available in all countries. Access to some services is limited to 10 devices."

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    I saw that part about iCloud how a Mac needs Lion.  That was my understanding unitl I talked to the Apple Store employee.  I wonder if the employee is mistaken or does he know something that is not posted on

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    As users we have no more knowledge about Apple's intentions about iCloud than do you. It is possible that Apple Store employees have received additional information about iCloud but were that the case they'd also have been told not to disclose that information until it was officially released by Apple headquarters.


    It is possible the employee you talked to did know something more and has talked when s/he shouldn't have. It is more likely, however, that the employee was referring to specific features of iCloud which should be usable by anyone regardless of platform or operating system. Everyone will be able to use a web browser to log into an iCloud account so strictly speaking, the employee is correct - SL users can use iCloud. iCloud's email and calendar server will use standard interfaces so while Lion users will only need to enter their username and password, others should be able to manually edit the information to sync calendars and email. Other services, such as Documents, and iTunes matching, at least as far as we know now, will be Lion specific.


    Frankly, I'd be a bit surprised to see iCloud access for Snow Leopard. Apple has never been afraid to draw lines in the sand to drop support of old hardware and software. It is entirely possible that Apple will use iCloud as an enticement (or stick if you prefer) to get more people using Lion and/or buying new computers. But in the end, I know no more than you.

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    I think you summed up exactly what I was thinking all along.  I have no problem updating to Lion, I just havent yet, frankly because I didnt have to. 


    I was a bit surprised by the Apple employees answer and was instantly questioning myself as if he said something he shouldnt have or is it, as you say, specific features will be compatible with SL.  I think for now I will wait until iCloud is released.  If it works with SL, then good.  If it doesnt, it is a perfect excuse to upgrade to Lion. 



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    It's somewhat ironic that Apple appear to be offering better backwards compatibility for Windows users than they are for OS X users.  So the only way to get iCloud support on my wife's Core 2 MacBook will be via Bootcamp?

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    At the last keynote where Apple showed the iphone4s and iOS5, they said iCloud will go live on October 12 together with iOS.


    They also pointed out how fast Lion has been adopted by Apple Users and that iCloud is free for Lion and iOS5 users.


    Maybe it will be a subscribtion for Snow users ..


    On the other hand : just to have iCloud access and the suffix all one needs is a ipod touch 3g/4g, a iphone3gs/4 or any ipad. They all run ios5 and you are automatically entitled to use icloud .


    From what I hear from people that have the GM builds running now, the iCloud service is already being used and all is working on Apples side with no problems .


    So.. 2 days only to have the curtain lifted for us.

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    NightFox wrote:


    It's somewhat ironic that Apple appear to be offering better backwards compatibility for Windows users than they are for OS X users. 

    Vista with SP2 and Win 7 are by all means from the technical side under the UI identical OS.  Snow and Lion are not.

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    And again... I'll have to work aound the manual way until I buy a new Mac or Apple device (iPad, iPhone). It really tizzes me off sometimes. and NOW... No auto-sync services!!!


    I just get used to having all access to Mobile me with my Mac Pro (2009, Leopard) and now I have to wait until I get a new device to get all access either via iOS5 or Lion. BUT! I can use my husband's old Windows computer??? Double U tea Eff?


    I must keep an older Mac aound to run some of my older, but more reliable software (Adobe still hasn't fixed Dreamweaver enough to run right on Leopard and FreeHand needs Rosetta to run on Leopard and Snow Leopard).


    I even bought Snow Leopard last January to upgrade my Mac Pro, but I have been MUCH too busy to install it.


    I believe I am going to look for ALTERNATES for iCloud storage -- Amazon has 5 GB free with Prime membership, Google has Cloud services... maybe it's time.

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    If you go to and sign in using your apple ID, there is a tab at the top that says, "To use mail, contacts, calandar and iWork, upgrade your account by updating to iOS 5 or OSX Lion." Key work being OR. That makes it sound like you can use snow leopard as long as you have iOS 5. Who knows?

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    Hard to believe that Apple would support iCloud on Vista/Win7 (nearly a 5 year old competitors operating system) and not provide support for Snow Leopard  ;~(

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    I too would love to know the answer to this! I have ios5, but if I move to icloud will it mean Mail won't work with .me on my SnowLeopard Mac?

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    Google iCloud and Snow Leopard and you'll find a couple articles that explain how to set up Mail to use iCloud's mail server. Of course you can also always using Safari and go to the website.

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    looks like there will be support for snow leapord according to this article in

    need to update to 10.6.9

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    my MacBook Pro Core Duo runs perfectly well on Snow and cannot be upgraded to Lion.  If I could upgade the OS the I WOULD, but I can't. But it still feels odd that the Windows OSs can have an iCloud app to integrate with the web services , yet Snow and older OSs are in the cold.


    So I followed the discussions closely and attempted to use to migrate - when you reach the final screen it clearly asks you if ALL of your devices, IOS, Macs, PCs meet the OS level required for iCloud. 


    Seems like we're out of luck.


    Just as my PowerMac G5 2Ghz 8G RAM machine (£2500 of kit) only 5 years old - mother board packed in...!!!


    we've hit the buffers on the "latest and greatest" again.


    Not happy.



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