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whats a terminal

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     Cheers, Tom

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    Hello Texas Mac Man:


    It seems that you are the man to ask this question to: I bought a macbook about a year ago (more or less). However, I have not tried anything on the terminal. I would love to delve into this shell. I was wondering whether it would help me to learn linux (i have a linux "Ubuntu" book with a section about shell), however, I am guessing that Apple have made their own modifications to the linux shell. I tried the link you posted above but it didn't work. Do you have any website with details about the terminal?

    Thanks a lot for your help.


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    This will get you started. Unix is the underpinning for both Mac OS X and Linux.


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    Thanks Roam.

    Is it ok to contact you if I have any questions about it?

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    There are many forums within this board, and it can be like a maze, easy to get lost in.

    This forum is about eMac computers, mainly from a hardware perspective.


    For Unix there is the Mac OS X Technologies forum, here is the link;

    Mac OS X Technologies


    One area within that forum concerns Unix, and that is the best place to direct any general questions you have about Unix.