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Can someone please help with my issue listed - My ipod 4G wont go past the apple logo when I turn it on - it will stay on the apple logo for few min, then blanks out and back to the apple logo.  Tried reset option/troubleshoot several times.  Also wont show up on computer at all when I plug in to USB.


Any tips are very much appreciated.

iPod touch, Windows 7, 4G - purchased 2/15/11
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    Place the iPod Touch into DFU mode.  This will be similar to what the factory would do to install the iOS onto new iOS devices.


    Placing it into DFU mode will allow you to "format" and install the current iOS for that device.


    To place your iOS device into DFU mode.


    First connect you iOS device to you computer.

    Open iTunes if not already open

    Now turn off your iOS device using the power swipe.

    Press the home and sleep button on your iOS device for 10 seconds.

    Release the sleep button but carry on holding down the home button.  For another 10 seconds.


    Your iOS device should now be on DFU.  Click on restore and iTunes will download the latest iOS for your device.


    Hopefully that sorts it if not, you will have to go to a service centre or call Apple Care up and get them to collect it and repair it. (replace it)  Or go into an Apple Store.

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    If Geekpill's suggestion does not work, before going to a service centy, try letting the battery fully drain. Then charge and try the various fixes again.

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    Thank u so much Geekpill - this actually worked for me.  I was able to connect to itunes and restore to original factory setting.  Hopefully it wont happen again if battery runs low, but I think started when my son updated the software to the newer version.


    Thanks again!

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    Thanks lllaass...I was able to restore my itouch using Geekpills method.