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Just the one document.


I've tried duplicating it but the copy also crashes..


Is it possible to export or email the document without opening it?


Or are other solutions possible?



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    Launch Pages and while you are in the opening view where you see all of the documents in thumbnail view, tap the edit button in the upper right corner of the screen, then tap the document that you want to delete, then tap the trash can.


    If that doesn't keep Pages from crashing, Try deleting Pages and then reinstalling it. You can download it again for free as long as you use the same Apple ID and iTunes account that you originally purchased it with.

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    Thanks but you've misread the discussion.


    I don't want to delete the document. I need to salvage it.


    Will reinstalling Pages delete documents already in the system?


    And why will reinstalling help when its a single corrupt document I'm dealing with?





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    Yes I did misunderstand what you are trying to do. I'm very sorry. However - you can't email the file without opening it so that will not work. The feature only exists if the document is open. You can transfer files in Pages using file sharing, but the document must be open for that to work as well. I know of no way for you to save the document if you cannot open it. That doesn't mean there isn't a way but I don't know of any.


    If the reason for the crash is just the one document - you are correct - deleting the app would not be the answer to the problem. But I did say in my response that IF deleting the document did not solve the problem - try deleting the app. My response was a result of misreading your post.


    Deleting an app and reinstalling is actually a fairly common fix if the app is causing you problems in general. If you delete the app all of the data will be deleted as well. If you backup the iPad before you delete the app, you backup all of the data in that app and then when you reinstall the app, you can restore your iPad from that backup and all of the data is retained. I have done this myself a couple of times when I was having issues with an app.

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    Thanks Demo


    I appreciate your help and clarification.


    The search continues ...






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    Did you find any solution? This is the second time it happens with a different document, it just won't open. I have tryed already copying, back upping, directly on a computer, on my iPhone....still can't open the file.

    Please apple, HELP!