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Can I sync a spreadsheet created with numbers on a Mac with numbers on iphone?

iPhone 4, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Perhaps I should have created a separate thread for this, but I have a similar question and maybe a partial answer depending on what Jeweler means by "sync". 


    I know that you can share spreadsheets via iWorks and iTunes and, for awhile longer, via iDisk. I know also that you can use Dropbox for passing files between platforms. These are transfer methods, but they do not automatically sync changes made on one platform with another, e.g. like one can do with contacts and calendar entries using iCloud.


    So let me add in my similar question to that of Jeweler's: is there a way to automatically sync spreadsheet changes in a Numbers file made on one platform with the same file on other platforms?

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    iCloud will do that, but only between iDevices.  Once a mac is involved, you have to manually copy files to/from mac and iCloud/iWork.  To the OP: Try googling sync numbers between mac and iPhone.


    Note that the iDevice version of Numbers does not support all features of the mac version, so some things may not sync well.

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    I suspect a wait for this. In iOS 6 on iPhone 5 numbers is feature poor compared to Mac. This as you might see if you share, means you make decisions about dropping features. This is what makes true sync impossible. I suspect they might crack this nut with iOS whatever on the iPhone "6"

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    You know, if you're going to necrobump a year-and-a-half old thread, you might want to provide some actual 'useful' information.


    Just sayin'.

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    There is a way in case you want to know. Connect to iTunes on your computer with the phone attached and click on apps tab then scroll to the file sharing section select numbers  then click add and find the file you want and then sync