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Hey all,


I just had my original computer that I set up my IPHONE 4 on take a dump so I figured no sweat because of my iphone having all the information still on it and I knew I could simply authorize and sync my library to another computer.


BUT I have authorized my existing mac (ONLY A PARTIAL LIBRARY REMAINS ON THIS MAC AS I HAVE BEEN USING A LAPTOP FOR A COUPLE YEARS AND HAVE NOT KEPT THIS ONE UPDATED WITH NEW SONGS) and I am finding that my Iphone wont sync to the computer even when I tell it to transfer purchases and sync.


Furthermore, it wont even update my iphone playlists (such as Purchased on PNASTY's Iphone) or recently played with anything, I am seeing the same recently added as months before.




I want to just restore the settings as I have seen in other posts but I am afraid to do so because there is no sync of my music Im afraid of losing the 200+ songs I have purchased on my iphone between the last time I updated my phone with the "dead" computer and now.


If none of this makes sense please tell me so and I will try to explain it more effeciently.

iPhone 4, Mac OS X (10.7.1)