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I am using the built-in backup to my 2Tb Time Machine but have noticed that whenever I do some editing in Final Cut Pro, even just one cut or two, the entire project appears to be backed up the next time a scheduled backup starts (12 gigs on the one I am working on at present). Although I have plenty of space on the Time Machine, the backups take some time - in fact it seems that backing up is almost constant now. Is this correct? I don't want to exclude Final Cut Pro backups as I may forget to reinstate them.

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    That's Final Cut Pro X

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    I use Shirt Pocket's Super Duper to clone my working external disk to my backup disk - making sure the backup disk is offline when I start FCP X(otherwise it gets confused). This works extremely well.


    SuperDuper has a 'Smart Update' feature which (when enabled) only updates files which have changed or which are new to the backup drive. Using Smart Update, the backup usually takes about two minutes per day, rather than the hours it would otherwise take.


    Your backup drive must be formatted OS Extended (either journaled or not).


    If I ever need the backup, I will simply rename the backup disk to be the same as the working disk so that FCP X will recongnise it.