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My Ipod isn´t working anymore. First there is the Apple Symbole and when I make the Reset ( Hold, Menu/Center Button) there is shown "Do not Disconnect" I left it connected for a hole day but nothing happened. My Desctop shows the IPod but I can not open it. My PC tells me, that there is no IPod and I should connect it. Itunes doesn´t know the IPod .

Sorry, my English is not very good but I hope you understood my problem.

Thank you

iPod classic
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    To reset iPod, you must

    1. press the Menu and Center button for at least 10 secs, till the Apple Logo comes on,

    2. then disconnect the sync cable.


    There will be an error message on iTunes.


    close iTunes and restart your PC.


    1. Open iTunes

    2. Connect your iPod to a USB 2.0 port (slow USB port will cause sync to hang, sometimes no error message)

    3. Restore your iPod (this will erase all songs in the iPod)

    4. If your library is small, (Less 1000 songs) there should be no problem, else Manually manage the sync

    Good luck!

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    Sorry, but this is not fixing my problem because ITunes doesn´´t know the IPod. Normally whe I connect the IPod  I can see it on the left side on ITunes but now I can´t see it there. So I can not restore it with ITunes

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    To help me help you more, I need to know more, if your iPod is working condition or dying soon.

    1. How old if your iPod?

    2. Can you see the song menu on your iPod after you press the Center and Menu Button for 10secs?

    3. Can you play any songs?


    4. if you can't see the song Menu, what do you see on your iPod?

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    1.My IPod is 3 years old


    2. After pressing the Center Button the Menu Button I see the Apple. Whe the IPod is connected I see "Do not Disconnect"


    3. I can not see the songmenu.


    Thank you for your help

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    Sorry, I'm trying to see if your iPod is working, so

    1. Press the Menu and Center Button for about 10 secs till you get tthe Apple logo.

    2. Disconnect your iPod from the PC.

    3. Let the iPod run by itself and let me know what you see on the iPod sceen?

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    When I do what you said there is still the apple symbol. It doesn´t dissapear.

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    That's bad news, it means your iPod Hardisk maybe gone.

    Can try another way to confirm the Hardisk.

    1. Don't connect your iPod to the PC.

    2. Press Center and Menu Button for 10 Secs

    3.When the Apple logo comes on, press the Center and Pause Button forabout 6 secs. This will put your iPod in Disk mode. (if your hardisk isok)

    4. Connect your iPod to the PC.

    5. if iTunes comes up, close it back, or else it will hang your PC.

    6. Open my Computer folder, right click the iPod device and format it.

    7.If no error than your iPod Hardisk is ok, else go to Apple Service andget a replacement hardisk (not worth it) or buy a new iPod


    if Hardisk is ok, eject the iPod and reconnect again to the PC.

    1. When iTunes comes up, restore the iPod.

    2. sync and eject.

    Good Luck.


    I'm afraid that's all I can help.

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    Sorry, I tried your advice but I can not fix my probleme. I will bring it to a reperation service. Maybe they can fix it.

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    If the above steps don't work, I went through a lot of trial and error to fix mine but found that this method worked great. 


    1.  Press and hold select and menu to reset.


    2.  When the apple comes up, press select and play to put the iPod in disk mode.

    3.  Plug iPod in and make sure iTunes recognizes it.  It will still give you an error but ignore it. 

    4.  Find out what the iPod drive name is.  Mine is G: so be careful what you put in because this will completely format any drive you type in.
    Open up CMD from the run or start menu.  Type in:

    Format G: /FS:FAT32.
      (Remember to replace G: with whatever drive your iPod is.)

    Then hit enter. It may take a while.  This will start the iPod format.

    5.  When that is finished, you will get an error that says something like the drive is too big for FAT.  Ignore this. 

    6.  Eject the iPod using iTunes and then press the select and menu button to reset the iPod back into normal mode. 

    7.  Plug the iPod back in.  You will get a message on Windows saying that you need to format it again.  Ignore this. 

    8.  Restore the iPod using iTunes.

    This method will completely wipe the iPod and formats the entire thing to its original file format.  I have read that doing this can reduce the life of the iPod, but better than having a iPod paper weight.  This method made mine run like new again.  Hope this helps.