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I have a friend (isn't that how they all start?) who has a new macbook pro and needs to reset to factory settings as she wants rid of the user IDs and names on the accounts. She has Snow Leopard but no disks (none were in her box).


How would I be able to revert to factory settings so she could access the computer as if it was new, without disks. Is there anywhere I can download such software?


Thank you




p.s. I would use my macbook pro and try to burn off a reset disk but I'm using Lion and thought this would cause even more issues. Thanks.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    "She has Snow Leopard but no disks (none were in her box)."


    Not probable. She either misplaced or lost the disks. She should get a replacement set by calling AppleCare. Then she can do what she intends and provide the disks to the new owner (which she is required to do). She can't use your disks.