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When I plug in my iPhone to my computer, it identifies it on iTunes, but it says that the USB Driver Device has failed to install...I am not able to upload photos wtih this problem.


Please help.

iPhone 4, Windows 7
  • Techy_garrett Level 1 (0 points)

    uninstall itunes and reinstall it.

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    This didn't fix my issue, any suggestions?

  • pschaeffer Level 1 (0 points)



    I had this problem with my PC (windows 7, 64-bit) and my iPad. After messing with it for a long time, I finally found the answer (bad USB driver). The following two step process should help resolve these kinds of problems more quickly.


    The first step is to verify that the iPad (or iPhone) is really connected to your computer. This can be (really) checked using a program called USBDeview. You can get this (very small) program from or Don't worry, it's not Spyware or Malware.


    Just run the program and sort on the 'Connected' column. If your iPad or iPhone doesn't show up as Yes (under 'Connected') then your iDevice is not properly connected to your computer. Could be a cable problem. Could be an iDevice problem. Could be a USB hub problem. Note that your iDevice might be listed as what it is (iPad or iPhone) or it might be listed as 'Apple Mobile Device USB Driver' in the 'Description' column.


    Apple has a number of ideas to resolve this sort of basic connectivity issue, including switching USB ports, resetting your iDevice, rebooting your iDevice, rebooting your computer, etc. You will need to try them until your iDevice shows up in USBDeview as 'Yes' under Connected.


    If you iDevice shows up as 'Yes' under connected, it should also be visible in the Device Manager (found in the Windows 7 Control Panel under Hardware and Sound). You might find it under Portable Devices or it might be under Universal Serial Bus controllers.


    The iDevice may or may not show up in the Windows Explorer. On some machines it does, on others it does not. Why is not clear.


    If the Idevice is properly known to Windows and iTunes can't see it, then any number of other things could be wrong. Apple has a list. See the very useful page over at Testing shows that the Apple Mobile Device service must be running. Check this using Task Manager (started by right clicking the taskbar). Note that the iPod service and the iphlpsvc service must also be running. These services have different names under the Processes table versus the Services tab of Task Manager.


    AppleMobileDeviceService.exe - Apple Mobile Device

    iPodService.exe                     - iPod Service

    ItunesHelper.exe                    - iphlpsvc


    Step 4 of checks if the Apple Mobile Device USB driver is installed. This is essential and a common source of problems. In at least some cases, Windows will install the 'MTP USB' driver. Indeed, Windows will reinstall this driver if you uninstall it. The MTP USB driver is essentially a Windows bug (possibly caused by Microsoft). You MUST replace the MTP USB driver with the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver. Step 4 explains how to do this. Note that you MUST use the 'Have Disk' approach. Otherwise, Windows will just reinstall the invalid MTP driver.


    The Apple doc indicates that you can find the correct driver at C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers. Perhaps this is correct on some systems. You may find the correct driver in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers.


    iTunes could make this a lot easier by checking if the iDevice is known to Windows (what USBDevier does) and if the Apple Mobile Device USB driver is properly installed for the iDevice. Sadly it doesn't perform either check. Note that iTunes does if some of the related services (see above) are actually running.

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    I'm having the same problem.  I tried this fix but it did not work.  When the driver loads at startup I get a message saying that the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver installed but the iPhone failed. Any other suggestions? 

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    The same problem,

    from this forum: contributions

    If you have Windows 7 Ultimate N, it appears that the iPhone and iPad will not show up in Windows Explorer, thus you cannot retrieve photos from them. The "N" means that Windows Media Player is not installed, which prevents the iPhone and iPad from being recognized by Windows Explorer.

    To solve it, you must download Windows Media Player from Microsoft and install it.

    Search for: Windows 7 Ultimate N Windows Media Player

    Once installed and the computer is rebooted, your iPhone and iPad will show up in Windows Explorer.

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    Thanks pschaeffer, Step 4 did the trick. The correct driver was in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers. Under Device Manager -Universal Serial Bus controller, Apple Mobile Device USB Driver now appears for my iPad, not just my iPhone. iTunes rcognizes my iPad now and works normally.


    It took me a lot of google-ing to find this solution.

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    I did as pschaeffer suggested and downloaded USBDeview. Worked perfect and showed my "Apple Mobile Device USB Driver" was connected (yes), but the MTS USB Driver was not.  This goes on my troubleshooting flash drive.


    Windows7 Pro and iPhone 4s here.  As pschaeffer suggested, I went to "Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Devices and Printers". There both drivers wear listed.  The MTS USB Driver had a troubleshooting caution triangle on it.  I right clicked and the option "Troubleshoot" was listed.  I clicked it and it listed the trouble and an option to "Apply this fix".  I did and it replaced the MTS USB Driver with "Apple iPhone". 


    And that is how my problem was fixed.  Thanks pschaeffer for the start and direction. Just found another way to fix the same problem.

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    I have tried all the suggestions here, and nothing works. When I look at USBDeview, I see the Apple Mobile device shown as connected and the MTP device shown as not connected. When I look in the devices and printers, I can see the iPhone with a yellow warning icon, but when I troubleshoot it fails to update anything. I am at my wits end on this. Any other ideas from anyone?

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    I've given up and just downloaded a third party tool called DiskAid which lets me copy my photos from the iPhone which is what I wanted to do all along. For some reason, even though the iPhone is listed as not connected and with a yellow ! for the MTP driver, external tools like Disk Aid can see it and copy the files that I need.


    Maybe I should just go back to being fully apple based so things like this won't happen.

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    techy_garrett is right just uninstall and reinstall the itunes and reconnect your device and it works! thanks bro!

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    DiskAid saved the day ... or night. None of the trouble shooting tips on top worked for me. THANK YOU SO MUCH for suggesting Disk Aid; now I can go to sleep!

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    I found the answer through searching other sites, Reboot the computer.  Press 'F8' during restart.  Select Disable Driver Signature Enforcement from the boot menu.  This fixed the driver issue in my case.

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    Hi pschaeffer,


    Thanks a lot for your help. I had this issue quite a long time. Now it's solved thank to you...

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    I just wanted to share my solution with everyone here. While I was researching this I found a post about code 19 error and some post with intructions on how to edit the registry to remove some keys, I recognized those keys right away and it occurred to me try an use a Microsoft FixIt Tool made for that error.


    LMAO! I am referring to the CD/DVD FixIt Tool, the one that fixes the upper and lower filter issues on the registry when a CD drive doesn't show on Windows Explorer. I ran the tool twice, once with auto fix and once manual, I didn't even have to reboot, when I went back to devmgr the driver was installed, but a reboot is recommended. Link below


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