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Has anyone used either Blogger, Square Space, or Word Press for a photo blog?  If so, have you imported photos from Aperture into your photo blog?  I've recently tried to use Blogger, and have pulled out pictures from Aperture into blog posts.  This is pretty easy to do in blogger.  I'm just not sure what is being imported into blogger.  Is it a resized picture? or the preview picture Aperture creates?  The pictures look fine, but I'm not sure if they're the best quality I can be importing.  Anyone have any tips for doing this? 


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  • Terence Devlin Level 10 Level 10

    How are you doing this? If you're using a Media Browser it will always be the Previews. Anythign else will require you exporting to the Finder and uploading.






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    Thanks for the reply, Terence.  You're right, I am using the media browser that opens up when I'm preparing a post in Blogger.  I guess I can create an export preset in Aperture specifically for those photos I would like to post. Thanks again.

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    While you can go through the export process for images intended to be view on a monitor the previews that Aperture generates are more then sufficient. In fact even for most print operations the previews are ok.


    You are aware that you have control over the quality of the preview in Aperture, Aperture->Preferences->Previews is where you can go to control this.


    Again for most digital work the previews will usually fit the bill.