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Is there any way to limit the time my kid spends on playing games and watching videos?

iPad 2
  • Allan Sampson Level 10 (123,405 points)

    Besides checking the time and taking it away from them at your chosen time, none that I'm aware of.

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    Thank you, Alan, it is a feature many parents are missing for auto log off, this feature works somewhat on Mac, I wonder if there is a work around that is auto, not manual. There is an app but it only permits time controls if you start the app, and not a programmed way.

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    The Parental controls for the iPad are less sophistcated than on the Mac where you can limit use of an account to a time period and/or within set hours. But there is this app;



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    I put it on airplane mode and set the timer on our oven

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    Thanks, D, this seems to work for toddlers. Need for a teen. Perhaps does not exist now.

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    FWIW, and anyone can ignore me as they wish ...


    My brother and are are exceedingly old (mid 40's) and grew up without the internet being a babysitter, and we actually talked with our friends "nstd v zng pr nglsh". (I do not text ... apologies if that cannot be read).


    My brother has the computer their kids use in the "common room" of the house, has always been, for my nephews/niece to use.


    Their phones can do internet, but since my brother gets the bills, he told them they will pay every penny of "internet usage" because he did not buy a plan with internet coverage.


    Still, they are happy and well-adjusted ... playing football, soccer, dance.  Never dull moment in their lives, usually outside the house and in "group environments".


    The oldest just started college this year, and the youngest is 4 years from college.


    My $.02.


    I apologize ... ToU say this is a "technology" forum.

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    They ask is there a way, not what the **** you make your kids stuffer through. This is 2011 and kids drive while talking and texrting on the phone so preach about sumthing worthy. USE TO AND DO, are two different things. My kids have the ipad 2. I just dont allow them to take it outta of the house.


    But far as usage, neva seen that able to be done. But you can turn off thing so they cant be able to use it. Or set an alarm for yourself to tell them times up. I know on  my iphone my alarm will go off everyday until I disable it. Just a suggestion until something like dat comes out.

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    Try this new app called ParentKit. It allows the parent to schedule when apps and videos are available to use on the childs ipad. What's best about this app is that you can control the child's iPad remotely from your own iPhone or iPad.



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    the parentkit. Yes, it blocked the web I want.however, is there anyway I can block by time. E.g.8pm to 8 am,etc? Thanks

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    This thread is two  years old so it's very possible the person that posted that link is long gone


    If you have questions about a specific app a good place to go is the app's support page. They should also have contact info and you can ask the developers your question