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Having just attempted to download a free app and after entering my Id and password, I was presented with "new terms of agreement".

Normally, no problem.

But, after reading the first ten pages and skimming the rest,

I had a strange feeling that the "agreement" didn't sound very Apple-like.

Neither in it's wording or content.

There also seems to be some disparities in it when comparing it to all of the ios5 videos, keynote and reviews.


Has anyone else had this "strange, un-Apple-like feeling" after reading it?


I couldn't bring myself to click Accept, and don't plan to until I feel "safe"

About the new Terms.


I don't know if I am just being paranoid, this coming so soon after the Tragic Loss of Steve, but

It just doesn't seem like Steve would have let the new agreement, as it is, out.



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    Like you I tend to read agreements, but am getting bored on page 26 of  62 on the iPhone.


    I'm sure it's a genuine Apple agreement but am not sure if the number of Devices allowable for protected content has reduced.  Probably not.


    The sobering lines that has probably always been there is where it says 'iTunes reserves the right to modify, suspend, or discontinue the Service (or any part or content thereof) at any time....., iTunes will warn you in advance of any modification, suspension or discontinuance of the Service.  Termination...will not affect the iTunes Products that you have already acquired.  However, you may be unable to authorise additional computers to use the iTunes Products'.


    So if the itunes Service went belly-up (unlikely but not impossible) you could lose the ability to play protected content on new machines or at all once your existing computers fail.

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    Jeeplar, I ant agree to these new terms either. It only took reading the first few pages for me. I only sync at work so it will be interesting tomorrow to see if the new download ( before I left today) will force me to enter my credit card or PayPal account, so Apple can withdraw money when they feel like it. I am looking to replace 30 Blackberrys st work, and been evaluating the IPhone 4s, or go with Androids. Apple just made up my mind for me, and they'll be buying this one back too. DO NOT AGREE TO APPLE'S NEW TERMS.  They are putting term limits on trials and if you use the apps after the trials period "without expressly canceling the trial, Apple will automatically charge your credit card! or PayPal account! 


    Android, here I come!