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I just updated my itunes to the current 10.5 version in order to update my iphone 4 from IOS 4.3.4 to IOS 5, but it didn't work. I have a message " A new iphone software (4.3.5) is available" and it won't update my my phone to IOS 5.


Does anybody has this problem? Does anybody know how to fix this problem?



iPhone 4
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    iOS 5 hasn't been released yet.  As I type this (10:02 am Central, GMT -6), I believe we're still about two hours away from launch.

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    Depends where you are - likely the update has simply not hit your area's servers yet.  It is a rolling update, so is not available everywhere all at once.  Just be patient and try again later.

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    what is the current update for the iphone 4? i too updated itunes to 10.5. my ipad 2 had an update to 4.3.5 but my iphone only updated to 4.2.10. please advise. thanks.

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    Oh good. I was starting to panick too. Really not into the patience thing, but I guess I will have to be.



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    iOS 5 has not been released yet. It is expected later this afternoon (most likely 1 - 3pm eastern time).


    iTunes 10.5 only provides support for iOS 5, and does not include the iOS 5 update itself.


    Hope that helps.

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    4.2.10 is the most recent version for the Verizon CDMA phone. 4.3.x was never released for that model.

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    Sorry guys i forgot to mention that I'm located quite far from USA, I'm in Bolivia (South-America). Also i forgot to mention that my iphone is running with gevey sim, so I wonder if this IOS 5 will work fine with gevey user?

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    My guess is that it will block the Gevey SIM. One of the interesting aspects of iOS 5 is that it gives Apple a greater insight into what is actually on your phone than previous versions, because it backs up the phone to Apple's servers. It would be possible for Apple to block all phones with unofficial versions of firmware or SIMs. Of course, I have no idea if they will, but they certainly could.

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    My iPhone won't update the iOS 5 too, I'm using iOS 4.3.5 in my iPhone 4 I installed already the latest iTunes version but still doesen't work, I'm using it from uk

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    What happens when you try to update? You haven't given us enough information to even start to try to help. Useful information includes:


    • What kind of computer?
    • What operating system?
    • What version of iTunes is installed?
    • What security software is installed on your computer (antivirus, antispyware, firewall)
    • How are you connecting the phone to the computer (USB port on the computer, hub, what kind of hub [powered or unpowered])
    • Does your phone sync successfully?
    • Does it back up successfully?
    • What error message including error number do you get when you try to update?
    • What steps have you take so far to resolve the problem?
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    its a Samsung netbook small one, using a windows 7 starter, I installed the latest version on my Itunes, i have antivirus, but anytime it say anything about it, I conected the iphone proper on the computer, it say going to update and then when it is instaling always say i had problem in the conection, but last time i conected it with cable without the wireless, still showing the same, the iphone is syncing normally, but i can't update it, very frustating ,

    Thank you for the attention

  • Lawrence Finch Level 7 Level 7 (32,755 points)

    You have to disable the antivirus as a first step. Does the error occur downloading the update, or installing it on the iPhone after it is downloaded?


    If you can not get it to work you can use another computer, or take it to an Apple store and they can update it for you. After updating you should then take it back to your computer and before you sync you should restore from backup.

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    Sorted out tks, I reinstalled iTunes and did it again, job done. Thank you for the attention