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I have a strange issue with my Apple ID in which I am unable to login to the Support Communities.


When the primary e-mail address assocaited with my Apple ID is set to my GMail address (my primary e-mail account), I receive the following message when trying to login:


"We're sorry. Your account could not be updated due to system issues. Please contact Apple Support Communities with the information below to

update your account."


Strangely, when I change the primary e-mail address associated with my Apple ID to something other than my GMail address, I am able to login to the Support Communities without issue (which is how I am able to post this).


I have checked, and it does not appear that my GMail address is associated with any other Apple IDs, which is apparently the cause for the error. Can a moderator please shed some light on this issue for me???

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  • Hazell Level 2 Level 2

    I had the exact same problem but as I didn't have a primary email associated with the account that may have been the problem. Although I did alter my password at the same time as adding an email. Got no reply from the from I filled in but this happened with another update of the Support Forums so may be sorted out eventually.