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  • samirfromnew delhi Level 1 Level 1

    When my wifi sync is not working everything is ok  both on my iPhone 4 and my iPad wifi sync is not working any help on this please

  • samirfromnew delhi Level 1 Level 1

    Are you using Mac or pc if pc then clean boot ur pc go to msconfig and services tab hide all Microsoft services then disable all the services except apple mobile services and iPod services then try updating iOS

  • tooloud Level 1 Level 1

    now my iPad has no operating system. It is dead. It seems the iPad One is ineligible to continue operating. Great work Apple! I know! I'll buy a new one... I guess that's the moral to the story.

  • turbo95eg6 Level 1 Level 1

    My music does not play anymore. Good work, apple.

  • ifixtelephones Level 1 Level 1

    I had used 2 Verizon iPhone's current iOS 4.2.10


    After reading all the threads and posts for everyone having various issues i did the follow prep work prior to installing the new iOS.


    I backed up my iphone first then ran a sync without music, photos, and video.  I left apps alone since i did not have that much to begin with.  I left my contacts on phone since I use exchange setup with Google anyway.  Took 4 hours (UGH!!!) to download, but! updated both my wife's and my phone.  No problems on restore.  After the devices boot back you have to go through some questions on setup.  Nice thing I noticed was that while going through setup the devices were syncing in background, no more sync in progress, you can actually use the device while syncing with iTunes. Good luck to everyone!!

  • markibee Level 1 Level 1

    My iphone 4 has been backing up for well over an hour now! downloaded ios 5 in 20mins

    Is this normal for it to take so long to back up?

  • LoveHateRelationship Level 1 Level 1

    The download process *****.  I have wasted my weekend dealing with updating software on my Apple devices.  Apple should make this a lot easier and fix the downloading problems first.  I have had to restore three ipads, an itouch, and an iphone today, wasting hours of time.  Next time I will send Apple a bill.

  • overeasy Level 2 Level 2

    Apple makes a huge mistake by not making it clear HOW LONG this can take.  The are so full of themselves at this point and are losing touch with their user base.  They have come to believe that, if they think it,it must be true.  Trust me, and this comes from an early adopter and long time Mac user, there are dark days ahead....

  • John Shepherd3 Level 1 Level 1

    Hey sometimes things take time.  It took roughly an hour when I upgraded.  I upgraded my phone iPad Mac and 2 apple tvs. One the happier side, just think it will all happen now in the background.

  • prakashdev Level 1 Level 1

    Hi All,


    I am from India, am unable to Update for my iPhone 4 getting error -3259 eventhow i have disabled firewall and Antivirus. Pls suggest me to download offline witout Itunes to install latere procedure..


    Thanks you.


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