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  • Lion 10.7.2 with icloud
  • recovery hd update for 10.7.2
  • itunes 10.5
  • aperture 3.2
  • iphoto 9.2
  • ios5 , new apps , new manuals.


icloud.com is live



iPod touch, iOS 4.3.3, 09/2011 ipod touch 4G
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    Photos for Mac

    Looks like everybody is downloading right now - estimated download time 4 hours

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    Thanks for the heads-up.


    Here's the Aperture changes:


    Aperture 3.2 Update


    Aperture 3.2 supports compatibility with iCloud and iOS 5. This update also addresses minor stability, performance and compatibility issues, including:

    • Resolves an issue that could cause the "Loading" indicator to reappear in the Viewer when cropping a photo
    • Aperture now automatically relaunches into Full Screen mode if the application was in Full Screen mode when last quit
    • Pinch-to-zoom gesture now automatically activates Zoom mode in the Viewer
    • Left and right swipe gestures can now be used to navigate between photos in the Viewer
    • Microsoft Outlook can now be chosen in Preferences as the application used by Aperture for emailing photos
    • Fixes a problem that could cause Aperture, running on OS X Lion, to quit unexpectedly when using brushes to apply adjustments
    • Loupe now correctly displays magnification levels between 50-100%.
    • Fixes an issue that could cause Aperture, running on OS X Lion, to display the incorrect color profile on externally edited images
    • Import window now includes an option to delete photos from iPhone and iPad after they have been imported into Aperture
    • The Lift & Stamp tool now displays the correct cursor icons when being used in Split View and Viewer only modes


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    Thanks for posting the list of changes, Kirby! 



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    Wait!  There's more  .  Finally got the KB page to load:


    Aperture 3.1.3 Update

    The Aperture 3.1.3 Update supports compatibility with Mac OS X Lion, and also addresses overall stability and performance. This update is recommended for all users of Aperture 3. Minor issues addressed include, but are not limited to, the following:


    • Improves reliability of library rebuild and repair operations in Aperture Library First Aid.
    • Aperture now automatically rebuilds image thumbnails after a library is restored from a Time Machine backup.


    • Resolves an issue that, in rare cases, could cause imports from iPhone 4 to not complete.
    • Fixes an issue that could cause Olympus E-5 image thumbnails to appear with black borders in the Import window.
    • Metadata presets are now correctly applied to imported audio files.

    Multi-Touch Gestures

    • Pinch to zoom gesture can now be used to resize thumbnails in full screen Browser.
    • Multi-touch gesture can now be used to rotate images in the Viewer.
    • Pinch to zoom gesture can now be used to resize the cropping rectangle when using the Crop tool.
    • Gesture support can be enabled or disabled in Preferences.


    • Fixes an issue that could sometimes cause the Faces view to be displayed without the Show Unnamed Faces button and zoom slider.
    • Resolves various issues naming faces using accented, Japanese, Korean or Simplified Chinese characters.
    • Profile photos attached to contacts in Address Book are now displayed with suggested names in the Faces auto-complete menus.
    • Shift-clicking snapshots on the Faces corkboard now allows you to make contiguous selections.
    • The Home key and End key can now be used to scroll to the top or bottom of the Faces view.


    • Fixes an issue that could cause the map in the Edit Location window to draw incorrectly when assigning a location to a Project in Full Screen view.
    • In Places, the Show Unplaced Images filter now correctly maintains its state when the Back button is used to navigate the Places map.


    • Scrubbing numeric fields with the Shift key held down no longer causes the Adjustments inspector to temporarily disappear when the HUD is docked on the side of the screen.
    • Addresses an issue that could cause the Inspector HUD to be incorrectly positioned when exiting and entering Full Screen while the HUD is docked.
    • Aperture no longer quits unexpectedly if a trackpad gesture is used to change the size of the Retouch brush during a brush stroke.
    • Aperture now correctly displays the correct cursor type when switching between draw mode and erase modes when using brushes with a Wacom tablet.

    Web sharing

    • Published MobileMe, Facebook and Flickr albums now appear in a Web section in the Library Inspector
    • Addresses a problem that could sometimes cause Aperture to became unresponsive while syncing to web published albums.


    • Resolves an issue that could cause Aperture to quit unexpectedly when trimming audio in full screen mode.
    • Resolves an issue that could sometimes cause Aperture to quit unexpectedly while browsing videos.


    • Resolves an issue that could cause Aperture to stop responding when using the Undo and Redo commands after switching from JPEG to RAW master with RAW+JPEG pairs.


    • The keyboard shortcut to show Tooltips has been changed from “T” to “Control + T” to prevent accidental activation.
    • The Reset All Warnings button in the General Preferences now correctly resets all warnings.
    • Fixes an issue that could cause a blank sheet to display when placing a book or print order.
    • Addresses an issue that could cause the browser filmstrip to scroll unnecessarily when enabling or disabling various options in the Query HUD.
    • Stacking or unstacking images that have been placed on a Light Table no longer Images placed on a Light Table now maintain their proper positions when added or removed from stacks.
    • FIxes an issue that could cause the List View to display the incorrect sort order when switching between projects.
    • Resolves an issue that could render images incorrectly when viewing them at magnifications of over 400% using the Loupe.
    • Resolves an issue that could cause Aperture to stop responding on quit while updating previews.
    • Folders in the source list now spring back closed after objects have been dropped into them, or dragged over and then away from them.
    • Slideshow exports are now handled as a background operation and are listed in the Activity window.
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    Back Up FIrst.


    Back Up First.


    Back Up First.







    P.s. Don't forget to back up before updating anything

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    Hmm... Kirby is that 3.1.3 update or 3.2? Looks like 3.1.3.


    The link is correct though, and your orginal info is correct as well, just checked.

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    Sorry about that --  -- it's what showed up when I clicked the KB link in Software Update.  I was about 2 minutes ahead of the apple barrel.

  • Kirby Krieger Level 6 Level 6



    The update requires a rebuild of your Library.  Back it up first.


    Link to image of dialog asking for confirmation to go ahead (sorry, Discussion not giving me the dialog to post images in-line):


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    Wow the 3.2 update is great. It has really improved perfrormance all around. I have a relativly old 2009 13 inch macbook pro with a 2.26 c2d and 8gb of ram. I am getting what I expect out of a pro app. I have only been using 3.2  for about an hour but It is just amazingly quick. I have been using previous versions of aperture 3 for some time now and this is the best one yet. I know a lot of you out there have much better set ups then me so the app should scream on all of those new i5 and i7 machines out there