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I have a 16GB iPad that is pretty full, how much free space do I need to install ios5, does it use main memory storage to install it, or firmware space only?

iPad, iOS 4.3.2
  • imanog Level 2 Level 2

    well it wipes all the media on it and restores from data backup and then syncs media back on..


    so i'm really not sure how much room it takes up but the software will fit no matter what, then some of your media may not fit afterwards.

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    Really, it wipes everything? But I have stuff on it and my iPod touch that doesn't exist anywhere else, like podcasts downloaded through Downcast, Comics on ComicZeal, etc. I'll need to reinstall all that stuff manually afterwards? The size of the backup file it created last time I backed up is a lot less than 16 GB, so I assume the backup doesn't include any files from app storage?


    How can Apple assume you keep a copy of everything on your computer? I always delete stuff from my computer after I copy a podcast to my device, it's not like I  have unlimited storage on the PC to keep everything until I listen to it.

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    yea sorry i'm really not sure, the article they give us says it backs up in-application data but the stuff you have might be like documents or files and not considered data...


    iPad: About backups