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I apologize if this was answered in a different place, but I can't find it if it was... My question wraps around iCloud's photostream capabilities. I am very excited about this feature for my family. Currently, both my wife and I have MobileMe email accounts under a family plan. That said, I have setup our devices to share everything from my account EXCEPT for email. So, in essence we share contacts, calendar, etc off my account in a push setup and I have added her .me email account only other device. So, any additions to the 5 calendars (or contacts, etc.) we have automatically pass to the other person.


This is a format that really works for us. Under iCloud, I wanted to keep a similar structure but ADD in e capabilities that photostream brings to the table. I know that I can add my migrated .me account to her device, but when I try to setup her email will it force the service to take only HER iCloud sync therefore blocking the sharing of our calendars, contacts, and more importantly photostream.  We have been reall excited about the possibilities of being with the kids and snapping images that appear on the other person's phone when we cannot all be together. Anyone know if this is possible under iCloud?

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    All devices and Iphoto powered Macs that photostream shall be streamed to  would need to have the same Apple-ID. iCloud is a single Apple-ID solution.


    Beware ( for the kids sake ) : ALL of the recent 1000 photos made on iOS5 or currently in iPhoto libraries will be in the stream for 30 days , you can't remove nor edit individual pictures from it.