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  • Kerappo Level 1 (0 points)

    The referred "six bullets" did not work for me. My text messages do NOT have the names, only numbers.


    I have a feeling that the original backup of my iPhone 4 has somehow failed. Maybe there were "so many messages" on the screen that I just missed the one saying that the backup failed. I do remember cleaning my C:drive for the requested 21 Gigas that iTunes requested for the update of the phone (backup, I assume). But this backup I can not find. Or at least I'm not able to find it if I "right click" on my device and start restore from here. I do see some of the later back ups that iTunes has made after I realized my contacts have gone.


    Luckily (?) I do have an iPad2 that I believe has about 99.5% of the contacts if not all of them.


    My iPhone is at 5 and my iTunes is at the latest level. However my iPad is still at the latest 4.x level.


    How should I now proceed to get the about 740 contacts + their pictures + ringtones(?) etc. birthdays migrated to my iPhone so that I do NOT update my iPad2? I have to admit, that updating the iPad2 scares me and I definitely need to have the contacts back in my iPhone before I start that update.


    Will the backup of my iPad have the ringtone info too stored there?


    What happened to "all my old daily backups from last month" after I upgraded the iTunes to the level compatible with iOS 5?

  • mtldrake Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the same problem, after upgrading to IOS 5 issues started when restoring, came up with error -50, wouldn't work no matter how many attempts were made... tried all suggested fixes found on many boards & forums - none worked, not the iCloud solution nor any restore from backup and no amount of shutting down or hard booting have resolved anything!


    Lost all contacts (which are the hardest to restore) after all, the rest is in iTunes or PC except for contacts or text msgs. Note to self: either find other back up solution or forgo Apple's crap.


    Apple better find fix asap!


    If anyone has suggestions plz inform..


    signed: iPissed or iWillswitchtoandroidsoon

  • apifrenza Level 1 (0 points)

    Verizon users: If you have contact names by your text messages and voice control recognizes your contacts then it should be a simple fix.

    1. Go to Settings/ iCloud

    2. Contacts: Turn Off

    3. Go back into your Contacts to verify that they are restored.

    4. Go to Settings/ iCloud

    5. Contacts: Turn On


    You should now see your contacts in the contacts app but also be merged/synced with iCloud.  This works with Verizon users- I will verify with AT&T and update the post when I have confirmation of the fix with Apple Support.

  • tjshadyluver Level 1 (0 points)

    That is the exact same problem I am having! Everything works fine installing iOS 5 then Restore From Backup works fine but then after the phone restarts bam it freezes at like 20% and there's nothing u can do about it. No matter how many times you restart it just wont finish the restore. Then sometimes while it is frozen I will get a text message and I can see the Slide To Unlock for a split second. There is nothing I can do to get it unfrozen. So it forces me to re-install iOS 5. Which works until I try to restore from any one of my backups. Please, There has to be someone that knows how to get around this **** issue on iOS 5. I want to use iOS 5 so bad and I can't until I can figure out how to get my contacts back on my iPhone 4. I have even tried SSH my address book off my iPhone then installed iOS 5 and when I copy my Address Book back on it wont even let me open the Phone App. It opens for a split second then closes back to home screen. Same with my old txt messages. PLEASE HELP!!

  • epicachic Level 1 (0 points)

    after i updated my iphone 4 to iOS 5 i lost all my pictures and my contacts and have tried every different possible solution to try to get my stuff back... any suggestions?

  • crypt Level 1 (0 points)

    backing up icloud takes a while than expected.. i say just give a little bit of time if you have backed it up to the cloud yet you dont see them when you log in ( i would say a day or two. you see with everyone shifting to ios5 is a huge amount of traffic that would take the downloads and uploads quite some time so just be patient- do your backups first then download ios5. btw, there's a software i found that would let you instantly save your contacts from your phone to your conputer in both .txt and .cvs file. this is a sure way to back things up.


  • marcoreds Level 1 (0 points)

    I lost everything too.


    Contacts, pictures, messages...




    The backup file that was done before the update has magically disappeared, so no way for me to backup from that.


    I tried all the fixes here, but none worked.


    Thanks a lot Apple, really, even a 20$ phone can at least not cancel the contacts, I expected much more, seriously.

  • Mes75 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thank you so much!! This totally worked- like you said, like magic!!!

  • JenKlingler Level 1 (0 points)

    Sean, Your website is great, thanks for posting. I'm having a somewhat different problem and I wonder if you have any suggestions.

    I have an iPhone 4 and upgraded Itunes and upgraded to iOS 5 a couple days ago. Hubby has a 3GS and did the same. We had been using MobileMe for contacts, email and calander.

    My contacts did not disappear, but istead went haywire!! Several are duplicated (some triple) but the worst problem is that the data within the individual contacts has gotten mixed up...wrong numbers/emial/addresses are showing with names they should not be associated with!! It's a total disaster!

    I moved my MobileMe to the cloud, thinking that was the problem (I know mobile me is ending) and that didn't help or hurt.

    I'm devestated about this and desperate to find a fix. If you or anyone has any suggestions, pelase let me know!

    Many thanks!

  • tootalledh Level 1 (0 points)

    I have tried everything without any luck, talking to others I know it seems there has been the same problem with them, it seems like this is an issue for Apple to address quickly, can you imagine all of us coming back to apple with the cost of loosing all of your contacts!! This is disappointing to say the least, I did not update my wife's phone because of this issue. 

    If anyone has figured out where all of these contacts have gone please notify me and the hundreds of thousands of others.  Wonder if it will make the Monday morning shows???

  • Kerappo Level 1 (0 points)

    While trying desperately to get my 740+ contacts back after iOS 5 upgrade to my iPhone 4 I finally tried to restore from the iTunes "device view" first tab where it says "check for updates" and "Restore". iTunes seems to extract the iOS5 OK and after that it gives me an error 11 and claims I can not restore the phone to factory settings.


    I have now (after recovering from the initial shock of loosing all my contacts) noticed, that I too have some pictures missing from my "sync with my pictures" folders. My settings are "only sync the selected folders". If I remove a selection, the folder disappears from my phone. If I add it back, only the folder name gets synced, the pictures (that were there fine in iOS 4) will not get synced.



    What makes the testing a bit more challenging is that every time I try to restore the "extract phase" seems to take minutes before iTunes informs me that it found out there is an error (error code 11). This gets to be quite frustrating assuming that the checking for this error could be done first and thus I would not have to wait for it...


    And yes, I did get something else done during the weekend, but have been searching for info to solve this and playing around with the phone about 14 hours so far and the only real change I see is that now I am not able to restore the phone to the factory settings :-(


    *** HELP ! ***

  • ckc100 Level 1 (0 points)

    I had a nightmare this morning after having a succesfull updates with my iphone 4 to IOS 5 and then I atempted to update my wifes one as well, to where all here contacts dissappeared and after trying all of the previous fixes on this thread I ended up going to the itunes with the phone plugged in then going to info tab and then clicking the syncs contacts with windows address book and syncing the phone and all have come back.

    Not sure why this was unclicked but everything working now.

  • eatingconsciously Level 1 (0 points)

    I have an iPhone 4 and after updating to iOS 5, my contacts were there for about an hour or so, before they were suddenly gone.  I could not use the "text message fix," or any of the other "fixes" people mentioned because I could only see numbers, my contacts were completely vanished. 


    I was able to regain my contacts if I restored from a backup prior to the update, but again, the contacts would be there momentarily, before they would vanish.  After the third time restoring my phone to regain my contacts, I found a solution that seems to have solved the problem.


    1)  I restored my phone from a backup prior to the update.


    2)  During the intial setup screens, I selected to skip the Apple ID login, which is located in the bottom right-hand corner.  I also did not set up iCloud.


    3)  Once I was into the phone and my contacts were there, I then went into settings > iCloud > and signed into iCloud with my Apple ID.  I turned sync contacts on, then turned it off and chose "keep on iPhone."  I then exited the settings, waited a minute, then went back into iCloud settings and turned sync contact backs on and selected merge contacts.


    So far, it's been 12 hours and all my contacts are still intact.  This worked for me, hopefully it will help others!

  • CW211 Level 1 (0 points)

    Wow - reading through these posts makes me wonder how Apple could have released IOS5 without alerting us to this issue.  Usually I wait a while to upgrade or at least check the discussions to see what problems, but yesterday I had a brain **** and assumed all would be ok.  Upgrade took a while but seemed ok last night.


    This morning, no contacts, but did have favorites, recent calls, and text messages with correct contact name info.

    Read on on of the posts to right swip and search for a contact, then tap the all contacts button on top left.


    This brought all my contacts back, but when I exited and then selected the contacts icon, they wre missing again.

    Went into my phone icon and selected contacts button and they were there.  So there appears to be a glitch in how it is all conected together.  So I rebooted my phone and now the contacts icon has all my contacts back.


    I am thankful for all the posts - sorry so many of us have had this issue.  Obviously pass it on to all your iphone friends, not to select the icloud options when first upgrading and to activiate icloud (if you want it) after the phone is fully upgraded and working.



  • Agreening Level 1 (0 points)

    Friend of mine, his phone contacts totally disapeared. the way we got them back was by setting up his hotmail back on the email inbox and then apperntly they all got backed up on there. asked if we wanted to restore any, and it all work!



    5 mins later...


    ... spoke to soon.. just returned his email address funny enough...dam!

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