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ive had this happen before when downloading iOS updates. whenever i try to download the update when its trying to proccess the file at the end of the download it always pops up the error code 3259. the only way i was able to get around this in the past is by doing a direct download from my internet browser. can anyone help shed some light on how to fix this issue. if it means anything i am using kaspersky anti virus 2011.

iPhone 4, Windows 7
  • Kwopau Level 4 Level 4 (1,725 points)

    Sometimes it can be the antivirus software program that gives off the error code. Try disabling the antivirus software for now and then download ios5. Once complete you can then enable back the antivirus software program.

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    I don't think it is the anti-virus (though I double checked by trying again while it was disabled).  It downloads about 200MB every time before erroríng with 3259 and saying the network connection dropped out (which I doubt is the real issue).  Apple - Help!

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    I have just authorised my PC with iTunes (in iTunes go to Store and authorise this computer) and now the download of IOS 5 is getting a lot further than before - currently halfway there with 334Mb - give that a go and see how you get on!

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    Failed four times at 716.0Mb when "processing files". Now, turned off Kaspasky, downloading @ 630Mb

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    Downloaded succesfully. But new errors occured. (err = -50)

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    Restarted Update after error occured. After 30 minutes backup, another error showed up (3200). I am wondering how long will I spend on this upgrading. 

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    error 3200 is due to the overloaded Apple server. For those who wants to avoid Backup AGAIN and AGAIN after you successfully downloaded the 720Mb file AND backuped your ipad at least once:



    1. Hold Left-Shift key and Click "Restore" button in iTunes


    2. Look for the File: ussually in (Windows 7):

    C:\Users\<User Name>\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPad Software Updates


    3. choose the file you downloaded and click OK


    4. Keep trying step 1-3

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    This worked for me, after two quick attempts it loaded IOS5!

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    I continually receieve error 3259. My iTunes is updated, I have AVG 2011 as my anti-virus, and I currently disabled my firewall and trying to download iOS 5 once again to see if it will work.

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    Disabled my firewall and I still got the error. Please help!

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       Ya I also have Kaspersky Anti Virus and I got the 3259 message every time I attempted to download IOS 5. Just turn off the antivirus for an hour. Right click on the Kaspersky icon and disable protection for whatever amount of time you deem reasonable. I just did this and the update worked the very next time I tryed. I hope this helps.

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    I was getting the same thing. Tried downloading the update over and over again for five hours. Eventually saw your post and disabled my Kaspersky Anti Virus. It is currently processing the update successfully. Thanks for the help.

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    Well after 7 hours I finally got all 3 of my iOS devices upgraded to iOS 5! I'm not impressed. First iPhone 4 no problem, 2nd iPhone 4 error after error. Took 1.5 hours to upgrade 1 phone  the other 5.5 hours to upgrade the other iPhone 4 and iPad 2. After 5 backups of the iPad finally just restored to factory settings and update went through 6 backups on my wife's iPhone finally went through. Not to mention the next two hours to try to get my settings and apps back just as I had them. Oh not to mention calling apple to have them hang up on you! For a company of this size and stature to have a failure like this is just absurd. I noticed some of the features do not work as advertised either. I've seen numerous reasons/ error codes what have you, however the real bottom line is that Apple wasn't prepared and thus let down their customers. Recommendation for future is to be prepared, and don't insult the intelligence of your users as simple mistakes can be a catastrophic blunder. I think Apple owes alot of people an apology after this one, but I doubt they will.

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    3259 happened to me twice, once after a six hour download. I just am trying again now, and (after disabling anti-virus, firewall, updating itunes, etc.) chose the option to just download the update rather than download AND and install the update. Its now downloading much faster than before. Ill see what happens.


    p.s. to the people complaining,


    get over it. consider how amazing this technology is and how much you SHOULD be appreciating the fact that you have it all, even if it mean waiting/working a little more to update.

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