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  • lluisgh28 Level 1 Level 1

    If your your iCloud adress is different from your AppleID, then you have to put the latter address after your username in Mail>Preferences>Accounts>iCloud above the password field.


    In my case, my AppleID is a GMail account and so I had to write in the field Username.


    You can manage your AppleID here:

  • isorock Level 1 Level 1

    done everything, even thought I had it solved myself by deleting and reposting it.  still gives the error every so often.

  • jcpolimeni Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same problem.  I need to use the web page to see my mail.  Did anyone respond to your question with a solution?

  • lorriefromsouth bend Level 1 Level 1


    You can find the answer above.  Andrew from Melbourne figured out a work around.  I just tried it and now it's working perfectly.  Make sure you follow everything he did, it's in his post about halfway down the page.

  • OrangeFive Level 1 Level 1

    Tried everything but cannot get mail working on osx - just sits at starting - mail has no incoming server - tried everyones suggestions nothing works.


    Grrr - no mail access since the 12th.

  • gradguy Level 1 Level 1

    I've done more than enough searching around on the web and messing around with settings, so I'm going to add my voice to the chorus here. Very similar problem to OP. I had an address for years with subscription which at some point solidified into an unalterable Apple ID (you could change it at one point!). I was subscribed when Apple rolled out MobileMe and so also have the version of my address. I can log into my Apple ID profile with the or address (I've always used because is absurd...).


    And so here's the problem: I can open up iCloud in system profile and log into my account with either the or address and it works fine with bookmarks, contacts, ical, etc. but when it comes to Mail & Notes, it's just starting and starting and starting. I can't check mail on because, it tells me, I need to "create an email address by turning on Mail in [my] iCloud settings." Of course, Mail is on in my iCloud settings, it just never does anything but starting starting starting.


    If someone comes up with a fix for this, I'd be very grateful.

  • OrangeFive Level 1 Level 1

    Exactly what I have - I feel your pain!!  Would be nice if apple lets someone know what the problem is and if its going to ever be fixed!!!!   Im going windows 7 and android next time, had macs and two iphones in house but this is doing my head in!

  • jjapple Level 1 Level 1

    I would try starting Mail from an iOS 5 device. Enter your information in iCloud under settings.

    If you don't have one of your own, you can use someone elses or the devices at an Apple Store.

  • gradguy Level 1 Level 1

    I've seen that solution, but I don't have an iOS 5 device (yet) nor do I know someone with one unfortunately. I think using a device at an Apple Store is not very secure. Were someone to do this, I would highly recommend changing your password as soon as possible.

  • guppies Level 1 Level 1

    Same here.  both .mac & .me - This is the most frustrating POS I have ever seen Apple/Mac release.  If this is the first example of how this company is going to be after Steve passed on, Apple will just be another HP, IBM, Gateway in the pile of hs been heap.  I believe it is a case of being too arrogant and not anticipating the traffic. Great that you want to give everyone free storage, give me back my .mac/.me account that worked.  No emails, no calendar syncs, no address book syncs, and forget about the BS iCloud dream, it is just that, a dream.  Done Ranting - but not done being Po'd!!!

  • jcpolimeni Level 1 Level 1

    I have "apple care" - so I called support.  No help.  They walked me through the menus to get to iCloud support.  I followed the directs (with the apple care specialist on the phone) and the result was the queue was large for iCloud so I needed to arrange for a call back.


    I received the callback - the apple care specialist said I needed to talk to someone in iCloud - he began to step me through the menus again and this time he said we would try the mobile me path instead.  Same result.  I was supposed to schedule a phone appointment.  I gave up at that point and started to move all my important mail to gmail.  I think I"m just about done. 


    So far - this entire iCloud experience has been a disaster.  First - I can't iSync and now I can't get my mail - tell me again why I wanted this?  Oh - something about having my music in the cloud - you mean what Amazon has already?


    I am very dissappointed.

  • gradguy Level 1 Level 1

    I hear you. And what's worse, for me anyway, is that iCloud snatched my iCal calendars, so once iCloud is off so are my calendars. Exporting and importing them isn't an option since iCal insists on stripping all alarms upon import... urgh! I can keep my contacts, but for some reason iCloud really wants to keep my schedule. Anyway, I just want this fixed for now until Apple works out that it would be nice to deposit my calendars on my mac, then I can be done with the whole experiment.

  • LearnFromLee Level 1 Level 1

    I spoke to MobileMe agent over the phone yesterday. He mentioned there is a confirmed issue and they are suspecting sever overload. But, I think the issue is a porting over issue. Anyone remember the first MobileMe issues? Anyways, I was also told that if you have a family pack you need to let the sub-accounts move first then move the "master" account (this instruction was the complete oppisite of states)Screen Shot 2011-10-17 at 8.22.14 AM.png However the instructions on moving to iCloud NEVER state this. I already lost my daughters email account. I quess to summerize Apple stated this is a known issue and they are working on the problem.

  • jcpolimeni Level 1 Level 1

    Sadly, I don't believe it is server overload since I don't have a problem on my ipad.  Seems to be a problem that is tied (at least for me) to my mac.  This could have been avoided if iCloud would simply allow us to edit the SMTP server name.

  • kressentolm Level 1 Level 1

    I am in the same boat as all of you. I really enjoy the syncing of my notes, cals, etc etc so I am probably going to take mail out of equation for iCal for now. Set for everything to forward from iCloud account to my main anyway, so it is sort of like it is synced :-P

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