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For a long time, I've had my iPhone sync with Google Calendar and Google Contacts via Exchange. I've also had iCal and Address Book on my Mac sync with Google Calendar and Google Contacts using their own built-in Google synchronization options.


Now that I've upgraded my iPhone to iOS 5, and I'm about to upgrade my Mac to OS 10.7.2, I'm nervous about how well iCloud, Exchange, and the Mac-Google syncing options will cooperate. I don't want duplicates and I definitely don't want to lose any data.


Has anyone else successfully handled this configuration? Any suggestions?

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    I'm surprised there are no responses to this. I too am wondering the same idea

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    I don't think Apple wants us using Google Sync with iCloud...: http://iphonehelp.in/2011/10/14/icloud-doesnt-work-with-google-sync/

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    I've just upgraded.  To put is simply Google Sync will continue to sync your Gmail calender and contacts with your MAC but these for some reason aren't uploaded to ICloud, like they were with mobileme.  You have to sync them using ITunes, this in my eyes gets rid of one of the most useful features of mobileme.  I'm trying to find a work around but so far can't find one.

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    I'm interested in workarounds too.


    I just noticed it is possible to use iCloud and Google Sync simultaneously, through Address Book (Preferences > Accounts > Synchronize with Google), but, as stated by keepers1221, your Gmail contacts are only synced to "On My Mac" contacts, which are not the same as the contacts synced by iCloud (how much sense does THAT make?). When I set this up, all of my contacts were duplicated since I had copies of them all both in iCloud and in Gmail. The cherry on top: when I ran "Look for Duplicates," only 3 out of roughly 200 entries came back as duplicates.

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    This really *****. I understand they dont want to sync my 30,000 mails, but my gcal should be able to sync.  HELLO!

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    Try SyncMate. They have found the solution http://blog.sync-mac.com/post/11433025103/google-sync-vs-icloud

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    Tried SyncMate... It only syncs contacts that are "On My Mac" with GMail contacts which can be done in address book preferences. For some reason these aren't all the same contacts that are in "ICloud" I have approximately 700 contacts, 375 exported to GMail using either sync method. I really don't understand the difference between "On My Mac" account and "ICloud" account and how to get them to be the same.

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    Also check out SyncMan to sync from Address Book's iCloud to Google:



    When you're on iCloud, confirm that all of your addresses are there.  To move contacts from "On My Mac" to "iCloud" just put them in a group, an then drag that group over.  Then finally you can delete the "On My Mac" contacts entirely, with everything only in the syncing "iCloud" section.


    Then if you want that same content in Google Contacts you can run SyncMan.  I used it last week and it ran fine -- syncing contacts that are in "iCloud."  I have no "On my Mac" group, at all.

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    ag0g0girl, you can very easily sync Google Calendar to iCal and iOS.  While still using iCloud for Contacts only.