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    Unfortunately I don't think there is a solution.  I've been through this as well for many many months now,  tried everything and have had success with MANY of the solutions, however NONE are foolproof and it is STILL hit or miss whether my devices will sync through wifi or even be seen in iTunes.  I will have a day or two of successful syncing on all 3 of my devices, then tomorrow one of them will not work, then the day after, nothing works,  2 weeks later one or two of the devices will sync again and the day after that nothing again.  It is realllllly reallllllly frustrating because I can also have my devices sync by wifi at noon, and then 2 hours later it doesn't work,  and for absolutely no reason,  later in the day it may work again.    A real PITA the Apple has developed here.

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    For the love all that is holy people.   I am going to have to unsubscribe from all threads just to see this never ending one die.  As this goes on and on it apparent that no one reads previous posts. I have even thought of a mega post showing all "solutions" to date.  Most of them work once or twice but that is only because you are causing a change and in a state which is temporary.  None of the solutions are ongoing.  Apple could care less and it has not been solved here.  I just use my cable now and get hours of my life back not wasting on this.

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    Ditto, Geistwolke.  My experience is the same as yours -- the "solutions" work once, maybe a couple of times, but none have been permanent in my experience.  I engineer networks and build computers, but there is nothing I have tried that seems to work.  Wi-Fi sync is a joke, and, as you note, Apple does not seem interested in fixing it.  A couple of friends tell me it works fine on their Macs; I have no idea whether the troubles with Wi-Fi sync are primarily experienced by Windows users or not, but for those of us who use a PC but buy these Apple products, Apple should endeavor to give ALL their customers working software.


    In any event, like you, I've given up on Wi-Fi sync for the time-being, using a hard-wired solution that usually works (although I've experienced a fair share of bugs there, too).

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    This is really a PS to my own comment. As I said in a previous message, I downloaded a free app called Remote from Apple, on my iPhone. I then turned on Home Sharing in iTunes. Since then (many weeks ago), I have had no trouble using wi-fi sync with either my iPhone or iPad. I find that they do not need to be plugged in for this to work, though I usually make sure the batteries are pretty well charged. Both things show up in my iTunes whenever they are able to pick up our wireless network, and, of course, iTunes needs to be open for the sync to work. I just use the command in Settings/General in each device, to Sync by WiFi.



    It is true that my computer and devices are all made by Apple, so I don't know how this would work if the computer were a PC.

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    Wow, thanks for the idea. This worked:


    I downloaded a free app called Remote from Apple, on my iPhone. I then turned on Home Sharing in iTunes. Since then (many weeks ago), I have had no trouble using wi-fi sync with either my iPhone or iPad.

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    Worked once then failed.

    I give up - will wait for updated iTunes and iOS

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    I'm reposting a solution that I posted MUCH earlier in this thread because I know it's worked for others.  I hope it works for you, too:





    After days of trying everything I read to fix the issue of my iPad not connecting (or syncing) wirelessly with iTunes on my Mac, I FINALLY fixed it last night.  My wireless sync works perfectly and I'm back up and running with Things and Apple Remote.


    Here's a recap of what I was experiencing:



    iTunes would sync over wi-fi with my wife's iPhone and iPad, as well as my iPhone.  It just wouldn't sync my iPad over wi-fi.  When I connected with the cable, it showed up fine, but as soon as I disconnected the cable, the iPad "disappeared."  Furthermore, my iPad could "see" my iTunes library in Apple Remote, but it would time out when trying to actually connect.  Same with Things for Mac.



    My Setup


    Mac OS X Lion

    Airport Extreme

    iPhone 4

    iPad 1



    The Solution (for me)


    I'm not sure exactly which of the following activities fixed it, as I did them all in the same general time, prior to testing my connection.  But they're all simple, so if all of the "easy fixes" don't work for you (e.g. "sync this iPad in iTunes" is checked in iTunes), give these steps a try.


    • Open "Settings-->General-->Network-->Wi-Fi"
    • Click the blue arrow at the right hand side of the network you are connected to.  (Note, you need to be on the same network as the computer that's running your main iTunes account.)
    • Here's the kicker, even though my iPad was running on the same account as all my other devices, it wasn't connecting to iTunes.
    • After you've clicked on the blue arrow and opened the network settings, select "Renew Lease."  When the confirmation pops up, select "Renew Lease."
    • Then select "Forget this Network" at the top of the screen. NOTE: Don't click this if you don't remember the password to your network, because you'll need to log in again after you do this.
    • After you forget the network, select the "Wi-Fi Networks" arrow at the top left corner of the screen to return to the previous screen.
    • Find the network you want to log in to and select it.  Enter your network password.
    • Again, press the blue arrow at the right of the screen.
    • Scroll down to the bottom and select "Manage this Network."
    • If you are running an Airport/Extreme and haven't already done so, it will ask if you want to download Airport Utility for iPad.  Do it, and let it install.
    • Once it loads, your router will show up on the screen.  Select it.  A small window will pop up.
    • On that window, select "Edit" at the top right corner.  A larger window will pop up.
    • On that window, select "Advanced" at the bottom.
    • Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and select "Restart Base Station"
    • Be patient!  It will take even longer than restarting from Airport Utility on your computer.


    After the network reboots, try connecting to your library in Apple Remote on your iPad (if you have it) or see if iTunes on your computer now recognizes your device.


    For me, after my router rebooted VIA THE iPAD, I was immediately connected.  I didn't have to reconnect via cable to iTunes or anything, and Apple Remote worked instantly.



    For Windows PC Users


    Even though I'm running Apple across the board, you may want to try "Forget this Network" on your problem device, even in a mixed environment, then reboot your router.  My iPad was showing up on the proper network and I had previously rebooted my computer, iPad, and router multiple times.  Only after actually forgetting and reconnecting to the network was I able to sync up.


    Hopefully this post helps save someone the incredible frustration that it's caused me.


    Good luck!

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    This is what worked for me when no other suggestions did!!


    Problem: I cannot find my computer with my iphone.


    Sollution: Find your iphone via bluetooth using your computer. Once connection is established, iTunes will show the phone as connect.


    How to connect your iphone via bluetooth to computer:


    Note: For me, at step 6 my computer was displaying a code and asking if it matched the one "being displayed" on my device (options at this step are 'Yes' 'No' and 'My device is not displaying'). My iphone 4 was not displaying a code.


    I couldnt get them to connect until I realized I needed to be in the bluetooth menu, settings>bluetooth (and of course turn your bluetooth on) while doing the entire connecting prosses. I had to click on my computer once it showed up in the listing on my phone,


    When I was asked if the codes matched my phone still was not displaying. I sected 'yes' and my iphone conected.


    HOWEVER, you need to make sure there are no other bluetooth devices around to confuse your computer on which devices is which.

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    OK - just gave this a try and initially it looks like this worked.  What's so frustrating is that this was all working up until IOS6 and not it is not, or just intermittently.  Thanks for the help!

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    While I was reading this thread, and trying various things, which didn't work, I looked at iTunes and all my devices (Mini, iPad2, and iPhone4) were there!

    Then, when I tried to sync, they disappeared one by one.

    Now THAT'S "magical".

    (I believe my sarcasm came through even in print)

    It doesn't "just work".

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    BTW, I don't think its an IOS6 problem because my iPhone is still on 5.

    And for me, this all started yesterday, even though I see this issue/thread goes back a ways.

    Good luck everyone.

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    I tried this (connecting via bluetooth) for giggles, and got error messages from my i devices saying "not compatible".

    Could be the bluetooth dongle on my PC or something.

    It did download drivers during the process.


    iPad finally did connect, but not showing in iTunes, yet.

    But my Mini did appear and is syncing.


    Random chaos.


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    This is the only thing that worked for me! The iPhone does not even need to be plugged in to power to sync!! Worked for W7x64. Thank You very much!

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    I posted this "fix" earlier in the thread but it seemed to help many so am posting it again.


    I am running windows XP. Disconnect iphone from computer.  Open control panel and select Administrative Tools,

    Services, Apple Mobile Device.  Select "Stop" the service.  After this has stopped, select "Start" the service.  After service has started again, open iTunes and connect device. 


    I have to do this procedure after every OS update as well as a Windows update.


    Hope this helps.

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    Thank You SOOOOOOO Much!!!!!!!!!

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