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  • rnimmel Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    After installing iTunes 11, my iPhone would not show up over wi-fi. I had to disable wifi, re-enable it, and then it showed up. I could then sync over wi-fi

  • BlueX Level 1 Level 1 (80 points)

    I tried the airplane mode thing and it would show up but then as soon as I hit sync, it would start looking for the iPhone then disappear completely from iTunes 11

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    I installed iTunes 11 on my Win7 (64bit) PC a few days ago. It found my iPad 2 wirelessly right away. But iTunes 11 couldn't "see" my iPhone 4S via wireless. I then connected my iPhone 4S with the USB cable and a new USB Mobile Device driver installed when I did. I did a sync on the iPhone via the USB cable and then was able to sync wirelessly after that. When I close and restart iTunes, it finds the iPad wirelessly right away but takes a few minutes to find my iPhone for some reason. But so far, so good... I've been able to sync both devices wirelessly on 10 different occassions since updating to iTunes 11.  All syncs were initiated on the IOS device (Settings > General > iTunes Wi-Fi Sync > Sync Now).


    I'll keep my fingers crossed!


    UPDATE: I've had the sync fail occasionally if I try to initiate the sync by clicking on "Sync" within iTunes 11...but it works everytime when I initiate the sync from the IOS device.

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    Wifi sync was killed after I upgraded to iOS 6. Step by step troubleshooting led me to the solution in Norton Internet Security - Application Blocking. USBMUXD - needed for communication to iOS devices it seems - was being blocked. As soon as I allowed it, my iPad and iPhone can sync via wifi again.

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    iTunes is a really bad piece of software -- on Windows at least.  The UI bites and now I can't even sync my 4S or iPad 3 anymore.  I have to use the cable and even then it gets dicey, although a recent and surreptitious Apple update improved things with the cable, but not, alas, with wifi.  If iTunes can't see the device you wouldn't even know where in the UI to FIND your devices.  Why can't iTunes remember my devices and allow cache at least some of the info?  And why can't I click a button that says "Find device" and forces polling by iTunes?  iTunes is crap.

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    I'm now having trouble getting iTunes to see my devices even with the cable plugged into the computer.

    Does anyone at Apple read these posts? Do they ever chime in? Are we just left to fend for ourselves?

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    The problem could be in Norton Internet Security (NIS) or the similar product you may be using. i recall having a similar problem which was resolved by changing the NIS settings for my mobile devices to FULL TRUST. That would enable unrestricted communication between your computer and the devices for sync. Also ensure that USBMUXD is not being blocked by the software restrictions in the security system.


    I have also experienced sync problems with a faulty cable.


    I think that iTunes 11 is actually quite good. I use it all the time to stream music throughout my home to different devices and control it from my iOS devices using Remote - V3 is super! Internet security has been the cause of all my connection problems.

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    Fend for ourselves.  Each "success" post is some fanboy or Apple only person.  Any Windows ones only works once or twice before having to go through the motions again.  Mine no longer sees with the cable either unless I plug in then eject from USB repeatedly.

  • subgenius Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    I have long believed that Apple is vulnerable to anti-trust actions because of its restrictive exclusive structures (for lack of a better term).

    But I really don't understand why they are not more interactive with their own user forum.

    I have also long believed that they are really short on user support, in the mistaken belief that their products are so intuitive there is no need for instructions.

    So, even Apple fan-boys fend for themselves.

    Not magical.

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    I'm a Windows 8 (64-bit) user, so my attempts at Wi-Fi sync are likely doomed no matter what I do, but you mention, "Also ensure that USBMUXD is not being blocked by the software restrictions in the security system."


    I am using Norton by Comcast, which is essentially Norton 360.  I could not find a setting in the firewall management which mentions USBMUXD.  Can you be more specific as to how I make sure this is not being blocked by the firewall?


    Thank you.

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    Sorry - I am not familiar with the Norton 360 interface. Look for Program Control in the Settings Menu. Hopefully 360 will provide a list of blocked apps that includes USBMUXD.


    After I saw the app being blocked by Norton from accessing the network - it is not an app that I consciously use so it raised suspicion - a search for what USBMUXD does led me to this as a possible solution - seen in a blog on the web - "USBMUXD is a USB Multiplex Daemon. This bit of software is in charge of talking to your iPhone or iPod Touch over USB and coordinating access to its services by other applications." To me, blocked meant it would not connect to the software handling wifi sync, but a direct USB connection would work. Unblocked it and no problem since then with wifi sync. iTunes sees my iOS devices as soon as it is fully loaded.


    I believe that I may have ignorantly blocked USBMUXD when the Norton app asked the first time for permission to allow. Based on all the postings on the web, problems with USBMUXD appear to be a nuisance for Windows, Mac and UNIX users.


    I do hope that this helps others who have the same problem that I did.

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    Thank you.  Your advice solved my frustrating problem with trying to use iTunes, which was not recognizing my iPad or iPhone the last few days.  For me, Intego was blocking iTunes from recognizing my iOS devices.  In Intego I watched iTunes try repeatedly to see my iPad, but each attempt was blocked by Intego.  I tried to unblock it, but Intego would not let me.  My solution: I deleted Intego yesterday, and instantly iTunes recognized my iPad and iPhone -- and I have not had a single problem since.  Apparently iTunes and various antivirus/firewall/privacy suites do not play nice after iTunes' latest update.  I am wondering whether I should bother with another antivirus program.


    These support forums are very helpful.

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    Somewhere it was suggested to removed Device Backups (iTunes/Preferences/Devices). In v11.01.1 I found an interesting option: "Prevent, iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically". I unchecked this and my iPhone and iPad could find my iMac wirelessly.



    It seems to solve this issue!

  • subgenius Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Thanks for your effort.

    Mine was unchecked all along, but I checked it and then unchecked it. No luck.

  • birderOR Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    That was the solution. It worked for me!