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    same happened to me yesterday. my new ophone arrived..I got it home all excited, connected to itunes and itunes prompted update to 10.5, I did so and after it restarted the pc  I connected the iphone with a usb and got a upgrade available prompt, I did so and my phone went into restore...I could  do nothing but just sit and try to connect it and restore+upgrade over and over and over again, failing every time, and coming up with all sorts of errors. After 4 hours I just about gave up when I remebered my laptop has the previous version of itunes and connected my iphone to that laptop..lo and behold, it restored and updated no problem! I now have a perfectly working phone


    I think the itunes updated created the problem, so if any of you having this problem can get a hold of a laptop with a previous version of itunes do might have to set it up again, but thats a small price to pay. I'll connect my iphone to my original pc eventually

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    I also have two devices which got bricked.

    There is a user forum where FANS are putting efforts to unite the affected people to bring it to APPLE and MEDIA attention. You can join if you wish:


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    one more bricked iPhone going to iOS5; i have tried restoring about 15 times, the latest attempt failed halfway through and the screen went white (with lines) and the vibration motor just stays on buzzing constantly. EPIC FAIL APPLE!

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    Guys, Please share your concerns at

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    Well after an apparently incompetent Apple employee told me there was nothing that could be done for the bricked iPhone 4, that the "stressful" task of loading iOS 5 damaged my hardware and there was no hope and that I should buy a new one, I managed to get it working! No this was not just a case of me being impatient, I tried last night to restore and the phone stopped midway, screen went white and the vibration motor turned on and stayed that way.


    So here is how I managed to get it working:

    (proceed at your own peril, this may make it worse, then again, its already bricked right?)

    1. Follow youtube instructions for diconnecting the iPhone 4 battery.

    2. Wait, let the phone cool, you may want to leave it in the basement or garage or something that will drop its temperature below room temperature. I left mine overnight battery diconnected in a cool room.

    3. Reconnect battery. Quickly do the next step.

    4. Restore iPhone.


    The thing I noticed in the 20 or so times I tried restoring is that the more I tried (consecutively) the less progress was accomplished - thats what lead me to believe that some faulty hardware was causing an overheat which prompted the hardware to reboot and halt the restore process causing the multitude of errors. Worked for me, unbricked iPhone. I still feel Apple should warn or provide some diagnostics at very least at the "Genius" bar.

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    There is a community effort going on if you have encountered ios5 upgrade issues..Check it out:

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    IT also did the same to my ipad 2 but not my iphone and much like everyone else im ****** so i called the apple support number sat on hold for thirty minutes and they tell me just send it in i am furious that a stupid update can break a 600 dollar ipad thats just great and no one there could even think of the solution  so now i have to send it in

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    If you iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo, you are stuck in an infinite restart cycle. Follow the guide here on how to fix that.

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    Anybody having this problem currently? I had trouble the same time as everybody else when iOS5 came out and tonight I tried downloading iOS5.1 and got the same result. The first time I had my phone replaced because I was under the 90 day warranty but I'm not sure if I'll be able to do that under applecare will I? I really need to get this working before school two days from now. I'm currently updating itunes attempting to get itunes to recognize my phone but it hasn't worked yet. Has there been any sort of progress in fixing this or is it still the same as months ago? I honestly thought apple would have cleared this up by now and I'm kind of frustrated that I have to go through this again.

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    I have update several iPhone devices. I have been successful with each update, including when IOS 5 was first released. When the initially realeased, I experienced internet congestion which impacted download speed. Since that time, no problems were experienced. My daughter, who is not a computer expert, was able to update her iPhone without any problems. Are all of your software at current levels? This might be the source of your problems.

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    there is no need to take your phones apart to repair this problem for all phones this works

    1 hold down the power and home button untill the phone goes off (if you see the apple logo you have held it for to long )

    2 once the fone is off blank screen just press and hold the home button while plugging the phone into your computer , you should then see that it looks like a new phone install and itunes will note it as a new phone then just follow itunes then restore your phone and when it restores is io6 will be installed the just put your music and app and books back on you will keep all mail numbers and game progress .


    hope this helps

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