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Ok, I realize that the apple servers are down for updating to iOS 5.  My problem is the fact that I cant even restore my iphone without getting at least 1 error code.  The error codes are  3014,14 and 11.  I have googled all 3 of these to find any type of solution and Im coming up empty.  Another annoying aspect is that after I receive the error codes, I will get the "connect to itunes" message on my phone and when iTunes detects my phone, it says that its in recovery mode and needs to be restored before being used with iTunes.  I have tried to restore it at least 20+ times but I keep getting the same error messages and codes over and over and over again.


So am I supposed to just sit tight and wait for apple's servers to come back online or has this update severely damaged my iphone???

iPhone 4, Windows 7
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    Ditto - I have the exact problem trying to update my iPhone 4 to iOS 5.  I updated to iTunes 10.5 last night with no problems.  Downloaded iOS 5 via iTunes this afternoon, got the same messages 3014 etc. and now iTunes won't recognize or recover my iPhone. Apple support page says I need to disable the firewall and any 3rd-party security, which I have done, to no avail.  Did you find a solution? 


    iPhone 4,  Windows 7, iTunes 10.5

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    Well after trying for 9 straight hours, I was finally able to get iOS 5 to work and update.  In all honesty, the only thing I did differently was restart my computer.  Now, I dont know if that is THE fix for all of these problems but after 9 hours, I was willing to try anything. 


    Once I restarted my computer, i started iTunes, plugged in my phone, got the usual error message that my phone needed to be restored.  After that, it was smooth sailing from there.  I just let iTunes and my iPhone do its thing and it restored and updated like nothing had happened.  It even saved 99.9% of all of the stuff I had on my phone prior to the update.  The .01% are safari bookmarks which werent a big deal.  But all of my photos, contacts, app settings and evertything else was there. 


    Hope this works for you!  Good luck.