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    Did you check out the discussion at


    It has a good description of the problem and a possible solution for you.

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    Hi, I tried all of the things suggested, nothing has worked.




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    I begrudgingly bought the new iPhoto although there is little need, did software updates and updates within iPhoto and still when i log into iCloud (wah wah waaaah) the photo icon (and photostream does not appear). What a wasted afternoon

  • Parrish Jones Level 1 (100 points)

    Charles, I was under the impression you are under but was disabused of it somehow. If you want to see the photos in the cloud you have a few options none of which include longing in through your web browser. You can click on photos tram in iPhoto on your Mac or Laptop, or you can open photos tram on your iPhone or iPad or iPod. I have no idea why that's the case except redundancy seems unnecessary. The one thing people seem to be screaming for is the ability to control what photos end up in photostream. There is no way to delete a photo or stop the thing from uploading all photos from a camera.


    Hope this helps.

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    Hey thanks for the support assistance. I just realized while reading your post that iPhoto does not include a file locker or storage area with the free version, it simply transfers from iPhone to mac,etc. where it can be properly backed up with time machine, etc. I totally did not get that there wasn't going to be an App icon in iCloud for photo stream....thanks again. "Disabused" is a ten dollar word as well. A little heavy but I suppose my whiney post called for an appropriate description. I do tech support all day and have to be able to explain these items to iOS users so it's very important to get my head around for my career. Please let me know if you feel I'm still missing the boat on how iCould works (I realize MobileMe has a storage area for older users of that service)....

    Many, Many Thanks!

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    I have updated to 9.2 and iPhoto continues to crash, and I am unable to use photostream. At this point, I'm unable to use it at all!

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    I was referring to myself with "disabused" but can see how you took,it personally. I teach philosophy so am always disabusing. With iCloud and lion I've been disabused a lot. There is much about the whole thing that works completely different from the way things were. I only used mobile me little. Yet, I think most users expected the cloud to mimic it which only does in certain cases. I am glad that my calendar, contacts, etc are now synced across my system automatically. One thing I've written apple about is the inability to delete photos from photostream. So now I hav ephotos on every platform that I do not want anywhere. I trashed them in iPhoto only to still have them in the stream.

    Good luck.

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    I set these devices up for clients and have to disable location and iCloud since the recipient of the device(s) are minors. I would have a real concern with an iOS device being able to always locate my child and also sending copies of photos to other storage areas in which there is little control. It's almost a Facebook level of ignoring privacy and accidental over sharing of very private personal data. Glad you contacted Apple. Let me know if Phil Shiller and Tim Cook have reality distortion fields as well.

    Really appreciate your time and input...

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    Thanks Ken. I recently had to change my Apple account password. So, I followed your instructions by signing out, then signing back in to my same account but with the new password. Worked fine!

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    i have a iphone 4S and imac and i have setup the icloud on both my devices. My calendars are in sync whenever i ad anything to the iphone or imac, but any photo that i click goes to camera rolling and the photo stream folder on my iphone i always empty. how do i make this work?

  • Terence Devlin Level 10 (137,945 points)

    The PhotoStream folder is for images you're receiving from Photostream.

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    This is was the fix for me.



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    I downloaded manually, as per the link above, and when I went to install the software a message read I must download from the app store.  I go to App store, which shows I do have an update to 9.2.1, I click this and it tells me I can no longer use the Appp Store and must download for software update!  This is followed by an "error with the App Store, plese try again later (18)."  Any hints?

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    Ok here is a question that i'm not sure why no one has yet to ask.

    If i had a user, who has photos on their iphone and on their imac and on their ipad how do i get them setup with photostream?

    i understand the imac os has to be at lion and the device ios have to be at 5, thats all fine and dandy.

    this user currently synchronizes his pictures with itunes/iphoto and removes them from phone when they are synchronized with iphoto. (but then syncs them back down to their phone using itunes, as such they are removed from the camera roll on the device). This way they are stored on the imac for good.


    In order to get them off plugging in the device to the imac to download photos they just took with their ipad or iphone, how do i get these new photos taken with either of those devices to sync with the imac and iphone or ipad?


    Also how do i get all these old pictures to sync down to the phones as well?


    id rather not have 4 or 5 folders when opening photos on the idevice, just 1 folder with all pictures and when that user takes a picture from any device it syncs to the other device and imac.


    1 more question.  the photostream actually downloads the photo to the device? because i read something about 30 day limit.

    i want to make sure that whatever picture i take with the ipad2 or iphone gets syncd to all my devices and imac and stays there permenantly. 


    i hope i didnt confuse anyone, and id appreciate the help.

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    the photo will be in photostream for one month but if you save it into a folder on your machine it's stays there