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  • nelion Level 1 (0 points)

    I was having a username and password invalid message when trying to sign in to iCloud on my iPhone 4.  I went into 'Mail, Contact, Calenders'  and at the top you can see your accounts.  My iCloud account said 'inactive' below it so I went in and entered my usual username and password again. It verified so I went back into the settings menu and tried iCloud one more time.  It finally accepted and all is working now.


    Hope that helps someone else.

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    Yet another headscratcher with the dark iCloud. After vainly trying to activate iCloud from my iPhone 4 using my old .me account, I tried using my old .mac account. Guess what. It worked! This makes little sense because as an Apple ID it had no priority over my .me Apple ID. Since you can't delete an Apple ID, I now have (at least) two IDs, with only one effective for iCloud. A pain in the a** all the way around.


    This is totally bewildering and very un-Applelike. Much too much confusion and difficulty setting up something so basically basic. I think Microsoft must have assisted with the project.

  • nostatic1 Level 1 (0 points)

    The pain continues.


    Just got my wife's new iPhone 4s. Apple won't let you buy Apple Care + online (how stupid is that) so you have to call. Waited 20 minutes, got to a rep who took my name and the phone's SN then informed me she was having computer problems and couldn't proceed. Said she needed to transfer me to an Apple Care rep and would I hold on "brielfly." Briefly meant another 20 minutes of wasted cellphone minutes. Furious I hung up.


    After 25 years of unwavering loyalty I am beginning to think Apple lost it's mojo when it lost Mr. Jobs. Bad customer experiences doom a brand, Mr. Cook. I hope you're paying attention.

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    Had same thing . Cutt off in middle of call 30 mins in



    Next day straight through took my call, moved to second line and after more tests and head scratching I've had a call logged with engineering who are looking after it now,


    The woman handling my case has been brilliant. Have to give 10/10 for customer service, prompt call backs, emails keeping me up to date etc


    I'll get full details of the issue if they find a fix and post here

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    Raised a case regarding this and spoke to an engineer yesterday, however they were obviously some what busy with a new product launch eh =)

    He advised that quite a few people had a similar issue which engineers were working on, although I'm not sure he grasped the specific problem, more that users couldn't login in general thus said that they were "restarting the server".  I'm going to give it a few days then will raise another case if it's not sorted.


    It seems other people have problems with the MobileMe account usage, rather than a non-email address account being changed to an email address - not sure if they're related or not though?


    Have to say that even though the issue wasn't resolved, the advisors and support process was still pretty **** good so I have no complaints..  The whole "Come on Apple sort it out" is a bit early given they only just launched it =)

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    I think my problem is the same. My Apple ID which I made all my previous purchases with syntax is not accepted by MobileMe ex: Just-doesn'  I already had a mobile address of ex: Just_doesn'  ICLOUD could only be used with this address' syntax so all of my previous purchased Apps under the msn account won't update unless the iphone is hard woired to the computer.


    Is there away to sync my ITunes MSN account with my MobileMe account with out repurchasing my apps? and will the ICLOUD then work properly?

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    Yes! This basic procedure nelion described also resolved my iCloud signin issue that lasted for 2 days.


    After editing the account information in mail-contacts-calendars when I went back to iCloud in settings it had signed in and verified.


    It's possible my problem was that I had changed the password while trying to resolve the iCloud problem but still had an older password stored on the calendars-contacts-mail setting. Once the two passwords were synchronized it worked.

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    I had the issue as well. Was unable to use my apple ID and password to sign in to iCloud. I called support and they had me change my apple ID to an email address and that resolved the issue on my MacBook and iPad.

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    Hope they fix this soon. Really unsatisfying not to be able to use iCloud with my iTunes email login. What I've learned from this was it was a good idea to say no thanks to AppleCare, because I did try them with this problem within my 90 days and its as useless as any other cs like "did you try and reboot" etc. :(

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    Part of your problem is that you're not dealing with Apple when you call but an outsource company called NCOGroups (you can Google them).  They do most of Apple's service calls.  They do have some good CSR's that are qualified but you have to deal with the first level that generally are not as well qualified.  The Mendota Heights, MN branch recently put on 100 temps around 12 September that were supposed to have a 5 week class anticipating some of the potential issues.  I suspect that some may not have been as well qualified other than reading a script.  Once I dealt with the CSR (sounded like from their Texas office)  I was escalated to a Tier 2 specialist who was great and resolved the problems I had with iCloud.  She even emailed me with her case number, extension and normal work hours. My suggestion is to insist on a Tier 2 specialist to resolve your problems even if you have to suffer with a longer than usual wait.  Usually it is well worth the wait.


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    I´m having the exact same problem. I can log in on, my Apple id works fine otherwise, but not to access icloud via my iOS devices. (3gs + iOS5 and iPad 2 iOS 5). I also got a welcome to icloud-email, but still getting the " This Apple ID is not supported" on both the devices. My ID is and email-address as well and I checked all FAQs in hunt for a solution. Hoping for a solution here.


    If anyone here got the problem solved yet or has any ideas in how to do so, it would be much welcomed. Cheers/Elli

  • nostatic1 Level 1 (0 points)



    Can you describe your iCloud problem and share the solution with us? This would more helpful than just knowing how to deal with the outsourcing company, and hopefully, eliminate the need for some of us to call.



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    Same problem here,


    Can login to icloud website but gives the same error as original post.

    It gives the error on ipad, iphone and allso on my windows 7 PC.


    This issue should be taken care off by apple soon, it seems to me that a lot of people are having the same problem but i don't find any response from apple so far.


    The least they could do is make it public and tell us they are working on a solution!

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    I created my original Apple ID (email format) 5 years ago to use with iTunes.  Had to create a second Apple ID (also in email format) 3 years ago when I started using Mobile Me.  Why my first Apple ID (again, in email format) didn't work for Mobile Me still baffles.


    At this point, I was able to successfully migrate from Mobile Me to iCloud using my 2nd Apple ID.  Wonderful.  However, all my music is tied to my original Apple ID.  So...  the most exciting feature of iCloud is unavailable to me because of some weird cluster Fxxx that should have been caught.


    How could this issue have slipped by the Devs without detection?

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    I am having the same issue - can't log into icloud on my mac with my apple id and password, but I can log in with my apple id and password on itunes, iphone and and everything else.  So basically, I upgraded the system to 10.7.2 in order to use icloud, but I can't even log into icloud to set it up on my mac.  This is absolutely ridiculous!  I also cannot open ical for some reason since the upgrade.  This is really making me mad since I use ical every day.  It won't allow me to open it and says I don't have permission to use it, dispite the fact that I went in and changed the settings like it told me to.  Still doesn't work.  ***!!!???