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  • Starski77 Level 1 (0 points)

    At first, I was pretty ticked at Apple too for not comming up with a solution.

    I'm not mad at them anymore because I now realize that they have given us the best that the movie/music industry will allow.

    Apple has agreed to tie each purchace to one email address for copyright reasons.

    You can change the email address of any Apple ID to an email address that is not already an Apple ID and not a address; however, if you do change it, you may need to re-download all purchases for that account to make all purchases properly and consistantly associate with that new primary Apple ID email address.


    Now here is a solution for those of you who made purchases from different Apple IDs.

    1. Pick the Apple ID that you have made most if not all of your Movie & App purchases with and make it your primary Apple ID/Acount that you make all new purchases with.

    2. Create an AAC version of your music purchases from your other Apple ID's. This may in and of itself strip the DRM copy protection from it, but if not, you may need to take the extra steps of burning it to a disk (re-writeable) and then ripping it back to the MAC. Then it will play when signed into any Apple ID or none at all. Be sure to set your write and rip settings in iTunes appropriately. [For the best quality music you may even choose to upload your lower quality music up to iTunes Match and then down load from iTunes Match a better quality copy DRM free.

    This should get most, if not all of your iTunes library under one Apple ID.

    An Apple representative told me that the same can be done with movies to get them to play reguardless of which account is signed in; however, it can only be redownloaded from it's original Apple ID as you might expect. Good luck burning and ripping a high def movie however. Not saying it can't be done, it you've got the right equiptment, but goodluck.


    What I hate is that I cannot take my Apple ID's Alternate email address (which is a address necessary for iCloud's Mail and permantly linked to that Apple ID) and make it the Apple ID's primary email address. Apple's reason to disallow this appears to be that Apple....

    1. wants us to by billed for iTunes at a address so that they can still reach us if they decide to disable our Apple ID/iCloud account for any reason.

    2. perhaps wants to avoid explaining their customers how to redownload all purchases which seems techie, cumbersome, unsmooth (and therefore un-Apple).

  • Starski77 Level 1 (0 points)

    3. wants a address that they can send password reset info to.

  • RichSoos Level 1 (0 points)

    Quote: "Apple has agreed to tie each purchace to one email address for copyright reasons."


    No-one suggests duplication but instead consolidation. The whole argument is I do not want multiple identities. I want all my purchases and data to be associated with my one current ID and email address, rather than one that has not been valid for a number of years.


    This is not about copying a few CDs or Movies but about single sign on for cloud synchronisation. App Store purchases on my computers are separated from purchases on my ipad/phone are separate from my contacts/email/calendar sync. What seemed sensible at one time has become extremely frustrating now that everything has 'converged' so seamlessly.


    An automated and legally acceptable solution should be possible. You can show that an number of accounts have the same account holder through email and credit card authorisation (verifying name, address, payment type) and then subsequently allow consolidation under a single, preffered account ID. This would require no manual support.


    I believe the real reason there is no proposed solution is not for Starski's reasons 1, 2, 3 but:


    4. Apple are concerned the cost of supporting potentially millions of customers with this is not commercially beneficial.


    5: Content owners are notoriously greedy and naively hope you will buy everything all over again like in the golden years of record > tape > cd etc. and forget it was this greed that set them back so many years with digital purchasing in the first place.


    Apple can make a simple elegant solution if they wanted to. It's just disappointing that it doesn't seem on their agenda and as a consequence leaves this frustrating 'break' in an otherwise briliantly converged ecosystem.


    Thanks all

  • illinifan29 Level 1 (5 points)

    Well put RichSoos.

  • tenpen Level 1 (0 points)

    OK you all seem to have been dealing with this for a while and I didn't read every post, too long. Kudos to ya.


    I have one Itunes account with (my original) and then of course another with the I purchased the iphone 5 and synced etc and I need one of my paid for apps from the original account. It's a $10 app I use all of the time to create invoices. It shows up on my phone but no info is there. It's about 100 of my previous invoices.


    Do I have to repurchase it with the @me account, as that is the one I decided to use for my iphone, ipad2 and ipods?  

  • RalphTrickey Level 1 (0 points)


      Go to the itunes store, log off of your @me account. Log into your old account, and go to the purchases tab and redownload it. The log off and sign back in with the new login (just to be sure that new purchases are on tthe new login.) Or continue using the old one for purchases.


      It's worked for me, anyway.



  • billpl Level 1 (0 points)

    I am new to the Apple world (ecosystem). For me, it started when I purchased an Ipad for my wife which she didn't want after about week. During that time she had setup an Apple ID (yahoo email) along with using the same logon with Itunes. She of course backed up her apps and contacts on Icloud under that ID.

    I then decided that I wanted an Ipad and purchased one, so before I started the new Ipad out of the box I decided to change her Apple ID (email address) to one of mine. I wanted to keep the apps, since we did purchase one of the apps on the Ipad, the other apps were free. Well when I started the Ipad for the first time using the changed Apple ID, it wanted to refer back to her old email address when I logged into Icloud. The apps would not load onto the Ipad unless I used her old email address. So I had to go back into manage Apple ID's and change it back to her email address. After all the apps loaded onto the new Ipad I went back into manage Apple ID site and changed the ID to my email address again and deleted the IPad Icloud account and logged into the Ipad (Icloud/Itunes) with my email address Apple ID. Confusing to say the least!

    Next, my wife decided she wanted an Iphone, after we got home I figured she should have an entire New Apple ID and hopefully avoid the chaos I went through. I didn't use her original email credentials to make the Apple ID. I made one with a new email address (gmail). I did so and logged into her phone with her new Apple ID. It automatically put the same apps and contacts on her phone even when I logged into Itunes using her new Apple ID. The phone then started asking for her original (yahoo email) to update apps that where under that old Apple ID.

    Just last night, her phone needed one of the apps to be updated. I couldn't because it was an app that was downloaded under her old (yahoo) Apple ID. So I just deleted it since it wasn't a paid app. I figure I can just download it again under her new Apple (gmail (ID).


    Apple should make this easier, not harder for especially newbie’s like myself and others using these devices. It should be one common ID to work with ALL services i.e. Apple ID, ICloud, ITunes, etc. If an ID is changed/updated that any service that you log into should also carry that same ID. No app or old logon should be carried after it is updated.



  • eriksnow Level 1 (5 points)

    I'm having a similar issue where I would like to simply merge my 2 Apple ID's for the reason of using a new email. By no means do I wish to duplicate my rights to any content; contrarily I just want to unify my old account into my new one so everything can sync and connect together under one ID, because after all, I purchased a right to the content - I, meaning a human being. NOT a single email address. People change email addresses, or change ISP's; APPLE needs to realize this and make it possible to do the same. One more reason I refuse to purchase anything via iTunes, or any other account-based music service.

  • lightning mini Level 1 (0 points)

    I followed your instructions, but I am not finding an upgrade to mail option, where did you find this?

  • fsandyusa Level 1 (0 points)

    The only solution is to take the account with the least purchases and re-purchase those songs and add them to your main apple id account. Forget about your second account or third account, let go and move on. Welcome to the new Apple.....there is no other choice.

  • bryanvincent Level 1 (0 points)

    I have an even better solution. I have completely ditched my iTunes and Apple ID for Spotify. I got completley fed up with the whole mobileme, icloud, etc thing. In short Apple is one of the best hardware companies on the planet converselty they could not write software (exception being the hardware OS) to save their soul. Apple, get a clue from history and get refocused on the customer experience, the bottom line will follow.

  • Picador Level 1 (0 points)

    Just want to chime in -- I have this problem, too.  For my, the main issue is Mac AppStore purchases.  These are split across two accounts.  And I'd like to do the rational thing, which is consolidate.  Else, If I move forward only with one account, I will never get updates for the apps in the "orphaned" account.  (This includes some purchases of note, like Aperature.) 


    As noted elsewhere, one gets pushed to create accounts at various points in the ecosystem (buying a new phone, getting a computer, migrating from mobileme, etc.); and there are clearly lots of people who don't understand the full context and end up in this situation.  And it just can't be rocket science to add a "merge" feature, or a "move" feature to push assets from one account to another.

  • Peter Berdovsky1 Level 1 (0 points)

    This blows.

    I am trying to teach my mom to to facetime chat with me.

    All of a sudden facetime rejects my apple id password (could be that I am in europe)

    I discover that I have two ids that use the same email address, so I can't verify my email.

    I didn't even know that was possible, but true.

    I AM ME.


    Google just merged all of my disparate accounts into one.

    It's POSSIBLE.

    Please Apple... Please.
    I don't want to have a multiple personality disorder, put me back together.

  • VisibleMan46 Level 1 (0 points)

    It is very obvious that with 117 posts over several years, and 115681 views




    And this is not the only thread.


    For people looking for the bottom line of this thread.


    NO. YOU CAN'T MERGE TWO APPLE IDS. No how. No way. Apple will NOT allow it.


    It is not a legal, copyright, or technical issue. It is simply Apple not caring about the customer.


    That being said, you also should NEVER BUY AN iTUNES CARD. You can't use it for gifting apps, and if you add it to the wrong apple id, you can't transfer the balance bewteen apple ID Accounts. <SORRY. Off topic, but semi related>

  • amyplant Level 1 (0 points)

    I anxiously await the day that I can merge my accounts, like so many others. And while yes, it bothers me that I can't merge an account I've been using for an older business of mine with an existing updated account for a newer business, or even with my personal account, I wouldn't dare to say that:


    As a businss owner, I know how hands can be tied with the most ridiculous legal reasons. As a former Apple employee, I have found that Apple cares beyond your wildest imagination. Google Apple's Net Promoter Score, which is the industry standard for customer experience. Apple has ranked among the highest for years.

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