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    Wondering whether or not Apple is one's BFF isn't really the issue.  The issue is that at various points (ex when getting a new device), users are asked to provide or to create an appleID.  And it is not at all clear at that moment what the implications are of attaching to an old account vs creating a new one.  (*Indeed, gven the somewhat haphazard way the  concept of AppleID has evolved, this has changed over time -- and the average user tends to be a little behind the curve on such things).


    One result is that users -- like many on this thread -- have purchase assets (songs, TV shows, iOS apps, desktop apps, etc) which end up in multiple accounts.  And this leads to a serious usability problems -- I for one am having a tough time accessing and managing my purchases on my devices-- because they are balkanized across several accounts.  It is an epic (and very un-apple-like) pain in the neck, and it is not a marginal concern for affected users--  We paid for stuff and these assets are stuck in a mad tangle of IP controls.


    The fix doesn't seem to hard, and shouldn't concern the licensors of songs, shows, apps, etc: either {1} allow merging of accounts, {2} allow users to push assets from one account to another, or {3} allow devices to attach to more than one account.

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    The assets aren't stuck - as far as I'm concerned I have paid for access to my assets, as is the iTunes model, and they are denying my person access. Therefor I shall resort to torrenting better quality copies of items I have already paid for, and discover more than iTunes could ever show me along the way. I'm not pro piracy; I just won't buy things unless I can own DRM-free copies of the content to use accordingly in my own private life.

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    Well I guess this is an example that "APPLE" is NOT PERFECT. I and many friends and family members have the same problem of two identities. Love apple (Unix) products but they screwed us all up with this one and judging by the age of original post seems like they don't care to fix it. Hey Apple's visionaries!!!! What happened??  Will post solution soon if I can come up with one. 

  • Picador Level 1 Level 1

    for what it's worth --


    i updated to iOS6 and it seems to be better in this regard: seems to manage two accounts reasonably well. 


    also, i upgraded to macOS10.8 and it too is somewhat improved.  you still need to sign out/sign in/sign out/sign in etc -- but it does seem to have one master list of your apps (ie from all accounts, shown together); and it also appears to tell you about apps that need updating in both accounts (regardless of which you're signed in to).  so: would be nice if you could authenticate both accounts and then be done; but for me the issue is now downgraded from epic fail to occasional nuisance.

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    Has anyone tried this - I am going to this evening when I get home:  (newagemac's comments about 5 posts from the bottom).


    My understanding after a quick ADDHD read:


    1.  Use homeshare to transfer app and music purchases from one of your Apple ID accounts to your second Apple ID account.

    2.  My primary purpose was to disasociate my work email from my personal app & music purchases - the reason I created a second Apple ID when I bought my new iPad Mini (and my new iPhone 5 which I have not synched or associated with any Apple ID yet).  So before I do #1 above - I will change my primary Apple ID with my work account to a third email account.  I will then make the passwords for both of my accounts the same.

    3.  After doing both #1 and #2 above, the only downside that newagemac reports from his homesharing solution is that when apps are updated you need to update under the account used to purchase them.  But if the passwords are the same "no problemo" and I think I read that under the latest OS passwords are not required (will have to check as maybe it does not apply for two accounts).


    If someone has already done this, hit me back with some tips, otherwise I will give it a go and report back.

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    Uhhh...or duhhhh....Now I realize I could have simply changed fro my work email associated with Apple ID to a personal email.  I think I thought I had tried to do it but couldn't (realizing now how illogical that was), but now have purchased a $150 app - yikes - on my newer, second, Apple ID.  

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    I am another long-time Apple user that has been forced over the years to create number of Apple IDs because Apple keeps recquing that I do so. There is no doubt that this has caused many hours of frustration and confusion for me and countless other Apple users.


    Love my apple hardware but I have come to the sad conclusion that Apple is simply not good at internet related products and services. If you look at the MobileMe, iCloud, years of Apple ID issues, it becomes clear that internet services are simply Apple's weakest area. I won't name names, but having one universal ID for all online products and services is basic stuff for most companies nowadays. For some reason, the brilliant engineers and programmers at Apple simply can't figuret this one out! What gives?

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    I completely agree. You know, I've been watching this thread evolve since early 2012 and some other threads on the topic going back even further to 2011 and yet this problem persists unchanged. It occurs to me that I do not have this problem with any other IT service vendor regardless of the industry; storage, financial, security, email, merchant... you name it. This is an Apple exclusive problem- an iProblem and just a mess beyond comprehension. Is it possible that an IT giant like Apple made a booboo? I find that hard to believe, but maybe so. What I find impossible to believe is that it has not been resolved for this long. That shouts 'design' to me. But still a big Apple fan. Mac forever!    

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    And if the issue is not technical in nature, and more to do with contracts with providers as some folks have proposed, a) tell us...and b) work it out!

    I find it hard to believe that consolidating IDs can't be done. The problem only gets worse as time goes on.

    None of the work-arounds from other folks involving converting, copying, and re-importing media are acceptable...with tens of thousands of tracks and dozens of movies and shows - NOT A VIABLE OPTION!

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    So i guess Im stuck using my @gmail account for apple itunes purchases instead of using either my or account. Its aburd how you push us to gmail. Hope Apple addresses this issues in order to avoid becoming a new windows vista microsoft.

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    My guess is the media industry is afraid that by allowing account merging people may transfer thier purchases to another account. Say for instance you have a bunch of movies and music, you could sell your purchases on craigslist to another user and then transfer/merge your purchases to them. Imagine a future where you could pass your media purchases as assets down to your heirs.

    Unfortunately the media companies do not allow this as they consider your media purchases non transferable as you don't actually own them, techically you are only licensing.


    Apple could and should still provide a way to merge accounts but not content. You chose which account is the primary and any items on the other you will have to repurchase. (at a reduced cost? license transfer fee?)


    In my particular case I have an old unused .me address that was converted to a icloud that I would like to merge and associate that particular username with my primary ID. I have nothing of particular value on that old ID and I would just like to free up the username for my use since I can't sync email or notes unless you have an icloud email.


    My apple id is associated with an email on my own domain. I did this because it doesnt take a genius to realise that Apple is floundering in the internet services area. .mac>.me>icloud in a relatively short span. Who knows what the next iteration will be..

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    When I old email got hacked, in my fumbling of ways  address the problem, I create a new apple id accounts.  So I have two apple ids.  Right now I always got "You have updates available for other accounts" on y Mac update.  I would like to fix it.  But I could not remove the old account or merge them.

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    "Efforting": What a marvelous apologist u r for Apple. One might suspect a Troll. You can sell you owned CD's on Craig's list. That is legal as is selling your owned digital content along with your ID, as long as it is only one copy to one copy, I.e. a transfer of ownership. The music industry is trying to not let you own the content u buy, but only rent it, thus limiting your rights to sell it. Bottom line is an average programmer in just a few weeks could write the 'merge accounts' program. Face it, Apple is just screwing its customers!

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    This is the very reason I will never buy anything from iTunes; in fact, everything in my iTunes either came free from Starbucks, or was imported from a meticulously organized folder of music files, mostly 320kbps MP3 files without DRM. See, if you buy digital goods from online stores like Amazon and iTunes, not only do they take a 30% cut up front, but they don't actually sell you the files themselves - you get a license to use the bits and bytes. Now one way around this would be to burn ONE CD of each album, and then when you want to sell it, put it up on craigslist. Technically, as the license from Apple allows you to burn the songs onto 0-5 CD's, it's not illegal as you're transferring it to another person physically, and destroying the original files. It is Apple's fault that you still have access to the content via iTunes cloud storage though, and in fact Apple should be reported for not complying with your transferring of your ownership of the content.

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    There is a very simple fix for doing updates for purchases that were done over two (or more) Apple IDs....You simply need to go into Manage My Apple ID and make sure that the password on both (or all) accounts is the same. Then when updates are needed, and your password is asked for, all you have to do is type in the password that is common amongst them.


    You don't have to pay attention to the Apple ID that is attached to that particular update since the password you put in is the same for all of them.


    Go to Manage My Apple ID, and get your passwords sync'd and you will have no more issues with upgrades that require a password: