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  • illinifan29 Level 1 Level 1

    I agree that an even better solution would be to allow AppleIDs that are not email addresses. 


    There is a technical issue.  I cannot change my primary email to my address.  I get errors and my iTune Match will not work.  So no matter what, until they fix this, I will need two e-mail addresses.  My address and another one (gmail, yahoo, etc.) to use as my Apple ID.  Not very smart when every company out there wants their customers fully integrated into their own ecosystem.  If I'm Apple, I am wondering "why I am forcing my customers to have email addresses with thrid party companies?"

  • mostlydave Level 1 Level 1

    This isn't the solution. Apple needs to fix this. It's crazy it's been this long and theres no fix yet. I'm set up as you describe and I can't sync notes between iphone and ipad becuase it requires a @me account which I'm using only for email. I really don't understand why this hasn't been fixed and why apple can't step up there game and fix a major annoyance for long time customers.

  • gberdan Level 1 Level 1

    Nope, still no fix apparently.... this isn't encouraging me to try other Apple products (and neither is that pig of a program they call iTunes). I don't live in a big city, so no "genius" bar to get in person help. This is just a smart phone and its becoming a hassle to deal with two different accounts and a ridiculous password requirement to type on their tiny screen keyboard. How bad is it going to be with a mac and the store? Apps now bungled up with two different id's and I don't remember switching id's on my phone when buying the apps. This is a very badly managed transition to the cloud. A mess that is apparently of no concern to Apple based on the amount of time this has lasted.

  • Starski77 Level 1 Level 1

    The current inability of Apple to allow for us to replace our iTunes Apple ID with our address causes confusion, but not unresolvable technical difficulties.


    The Confusion:

    1. First of all, when a new or restored iPhone running iOS 5 asks for your Apple ID, you had best enter the email address for your iTunes Account which you have been using to make purchases. iOS 5 will automatically set up everything but mail for you using it (unless it's a account). You will then have to set up mail. When you attempt to set up mail in iCloud, you will then be prompted to create a account for the purpose of receiving mail via iCloud so that iCloud can sync your mail across your devices. Think about it, iCloud can't use your gmail account for mail because mail sent to you would go to gmail's servers and not iCloud's.

    2. The Solution:

    You need to create this alternate email address to work with that same iCloud account.

    You also must sign out of iMessage, and every other iCloud aspect except music and movies and iTunes Store and sign back in again except this time with your alternate Apple ID.

    Then, and only then, will iCloud function as it should for you... all you who dared set up your iTunes account with a non mobile me address and made purchases therewith.

    If you attempt to use your old account for mail, you will either loose everything in June when Apple eliminates all MobileMe accounts, or you will follow the prompts at to turn it into iCloud giving you another iCloud account complete with it's own set of calendar, contacts, email, bookmarks, etc. just to get you nice and confused.

    3. What apple needs to do:

    Apple needs to allow us to make our newly created Alternate ID the primary email address. I understand that the downloaded music, movies etc won't work with it unless Apple attaches your your previous ID to the new ID; which, by the way, Apple does do already to some degree. I have had three or four previous AppleID's and iTunes Store has asked me for them and their passwords to enable the content, but the content was enabled without the input of previous gmail Apple IDs... I needed only to reenter my current AppleID and password and it was accepted.

  • HACKINT0SH Level 5 Level 5

    I was told from Apple that the reason you can't break up or merge Apple ID's is because it would allow exploits around the DRM scheme. The media publishers would be all up in arms about it.

  • Starski77 Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, I'm sure that's their biggest issue, however replacing a non iCloud Apple ID with it's own address, specifically created for it as an alternate ID, would not be merging Apple ID's (iClouds). If you go to and sign in, you will see what the alternate email address is for your non Apple ID... if you hve created one for it yet.

    Just to be clear... a non Apple ID is it's own iCloud, and it's alternate email address is utalized by that same cloud for the purposes of mail specifically, but also for iMessage, Calandar, etc if you sign into them using it.

  • Starski77 Level 1 Level 1

    Let me also add this thought.

    Apple never should have encouraged people with non iTunes Apple ID's to convert their MobileMe accounts to iCloud accounts.

    I have completely abandoned my former MobileMe account since the time I realized that Apple could not use it to take over my iTunes account. Above all, I do not want two different iClouds since I would then have two calandars, contacts, etc.

    When you sign into with your non iTunes Apple ID and turn on mail, you should be prompted to create an address to use with that iCloud account. It will have the same password as your iTunes Apple ID and will be referred to as your Apple ID's Alternate email address(at I find it best to use that Alternate address for everything iCloud except iTunes Store and Music Match which, of course, must have your iTunes Apple ID's primary email address.

    To get you contacts and appointments from your old address into your empty iTunes Apple ID's iCloud, simply sign out of your MobileMe on your computer choosing to keep contacts and appointments, and then sign in to your iTunes Apple ID's iCloud and choose to merge contacts and calandar. Note: Keep this in mind whenever merging. Merging something with nothing equals something good. Merging something with something else equals a mess.

  • illinifan29 Level 1 Level 1

    Found this article.  Looks like Apple has been working on this for a while.


  • Starski77 Level 1 Level 1

    Yea. I've seen that article too. Notice that it warns people to make all purchases from one Apple ID. At this point each Apple ID is it's own complete iCloud capible of signing into iTunes and making purchases. It appears that the people who have made purchases on more than one iCloud are up a creek for now since they can only have iTunes signed into one iCloud at a time.

    Apple's solution may lie in it's new OS "Mountain Lion" (releasing this Summer) which is set to enable us to sign in with our iTunes Apple ID and have everything automatically set up on all devices. I'm really hoping that Apple will enable iCloud account merging by then. One thing is for sure, MobileMe will be completely out of the way by then since Apple will eliminate all MobileMe accounts in June which have not by then been converted to iCloud.

  • Starski77 Level 1 Level 1

    Apple could be waiting to implement any solution until MobileMe is completely out of the way anyway.

  • neom Level 1 Level 1

    The whole thing is quite frustrating, mostly because there are so many services going on.. iTunes, iCloud, Me, iMessage, blah blah blah..


    Forever I had my iTunes username and password, that was my work email address, and then another account for that I used for these discussions, and then me came out and I got an @me email address, and then iCloud, and I used a diffrent email address again.. and then I wanted to use another email address for iMessager (my person email..).


    finally I managed to get one apple ID with my 4 main email addresses associated to the one ID (work, personal, an old one from 99 and another old personal one).. but I still have an old iTunes account that I've been using for 3 years that has all my purchases associated to it.. long story short, it's a huge mess... I really wish we could consolodate all email addresses and apple IDs into one account, it's so annoying!



  • luthierbytrade Level 1 Level 1

    I would like to throw my voice in here that this needs resolution asap. I have multiple apps bought with different accounts.

  • swiss18 Level 1 Level 1

    This is a bit of a workaround applicable if you have a gmail address, and I don't know if it addresses your particular issue (you will still have two Apple IDs), but here is what I did:


    I have a "Purchases" Apple ID that I use for itunes/app store which has been linked/verified to a gmail account.  Call it


    I also have an "iCloud" Apple ID that I use for personal stuff such as calendar/mail/messages/bookmarks.  Call it


    When I tried to add the xyz@gmail email to the apple ID, I was unable to do so because it was linked to the xyz@gmail Apple ID.  The reason I wanted the two "linked" is so that people could send me imessages to my phone number, xyz@me, and xyz@gmail email addresses.


    To work around this issue, I just changed my "purchases" apple ID from to by logging into the xyz@gmail Apple ID account and changing my primary email to  The "+apple" portion kind of works like an alias - an email sent to will be delivered to just as before, but Apple sees it as a different email address. 


    This now "freed up" the xyz@gmail email address so I could add it to my Apple ID to use in imessages.


    Not ideal, but it works for me.  I also don't mind having separate apple IDs for purchases vs personal stuff on iCloud.

  • scorwitz Level 1 Level 1

    Am I the only one that is more than a little upset by all this?  People here sounds very forgiving of Apple.


    As a PC user all my life, I've just made the conversion to my first MacBook Pro and WAS loving it until I experienced this issue around simply syncing my Notes to my Mail from my iPhone.  The $300 AppleCare was worthless for this as they just keep transferring me to the iPhone people who tell that I don't have support on my iPhone so they can't help. 


    Then, they tell me to lug everything to the Genius bar and they'll be happy to schedule an appointment for me, and from these forums it seems the "Geniuses" are none the wiser.  I know a lot about computers, and this makes me feel like a moron for plunking down so much money for a pretty laptop.


    I guess nobody at Apple cares as long as they are increasing their market share, but I sure wish people would stop saying that "Macs just work" when that is not always the case.

  • darkjeremiad Level 1 Level 1

    I can agree that you will find a lot of people who are 'forgiving' of Apple on these forums, and not all of them work for, or have worked for Apple.  As someone who has more Apple ID's then fingers on one hand - I completely understand the issues at hand. With the forced conversion from to iCloud people like me, who have an old address that was moved over to will loose the ability to recieve mail at the domain, adding further complexity.


    To be fair to Apple, and the concept of "Macs just work" I still believe that to be generally true, Macs do, overall work with less hassle, more stability and far fewer Hardware and Operating system issues (not to mention Hardware VS. Operating system issues.  The period of utility for the hardware and length one can use the MacOS for without having to reinstall the operating system due to the corruption of some master database that oversees the entire computers functionality is longer then anything I experience in the other camp.  The Apple ID, its ability to be consolidated, merged or migrated has nothing to do with "Macs Working" and everything to do with the underlying systems of the app store, the music store, the web services (.mac / / iCloud) and the interoperability that exists now, but was not planned for in the past.


    I completely dismiss the complaint that the issue is DRM related as being an invalid and absurde attempt at mollifying or delaying the resolution of this issue, as the music apple sells now is DRM free.  If I download a song that i purchsed in the past, that song is DRM free, so why would the DRM on those songs prior to the DRM free days be an issue.


    The reality is - Apple needs to take this issue seriously!  Despite some of the most creative ads out there, the real inertia expanding the apple market share is the cult-like community of users who have experienced the ease and elligance of apples product - and told others.

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