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    According to their website, no.

    If I use different accounts for iTunes and MobileMe, can I merge them into a single account and use it with iCloud?

    No. You cannot merge two accounts into one. However, you will be able to move your MobileMe account ( to iCloud and, if you choose, you can continue to use a different iTunes account for store purchases and iTunes in the Cloud.

  • Kikbuti Level 1 (0 points)

    I just upgraded in iPhone 4S at the Apple Store. A helpful representative told me to go to iPhone Settings, the go to Store and sign-in with my mobleME account as the Apple ID.


    Next, go to iPhone Setttings, iCloud, and sign in using the mobile ME account.


    Then go back to settings for store, and delete the Apple ID.  The sign-in to store with your iTunes store Apple ID.


    No you can use iCloud for contacts, calendar, find my iPhone, photo streaming, notes and any storage you may have on your mobile ME acccount.


    Purchases you make from your phone will be on your iTunes Apple ID and you can update apps from your phone or your computer. 


    This works, but still not the optimal solution

  • I Am Reason Level 1 (0 points)

    I have had this issue, and only until now have I accepted it. Until now... I just (for no apparent reason) attempted to alter my Apple ID that I use inside of iTunes for purchases (an unrelated email address to Apple), to my iCloud email address, to another iCloud email, all while retaining all the purchases I had made with my original Apple ID when I had altered the ID. I can now effectively use the email address of my preference to purchase new content from Apple while retaining all prior purchases I had made with a seperate account. Is this the answer we have all searched for to no avail? I know it's my answer, and I wished to share this with everyone that had previously encountered this issue, for I have not read of any others that had experienced my success.

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    FYI.  That page is now:  

  • T. Allen Quinn Level 1 (0 points)

    This answer is by far the most comprehensive advice all the way around if you want to know what you can do and how the issue Apple refuses to solve impacts your user experience with Apple.  The issue for me is not identical, but does reflect the desire to manage all my purchases and purchase history from a single unified interface.


    Everything from Apple under one umbrella as it should be. 


    I wanted to expand the answer that Jim has offered us. 


    What you need to know before you open the box is that from the begining your APPLE ID is your passkey for everything related to any Mac, or Apple product.  Not just for iTunes and music, video, and your apps, but your hardware, software, O/S, service contracts, Apple Store receipts both via the App Store and the Apple Store. 


    I am certain Apple could solve this in an instant if they had the intellectual capital, which is to really say the focus.  A good reason NOT to goto work for Apple relates to how they simply ignore real-world customer issues in their forums and support line.  I seldom see an Apple employee put anything in any forum anywhere to actuall solve "your" issue, versus offering you a kludge work around, or a lame excuse in lieu of actually helping you. 


    I am generally extremely satisified with all Applites that I encounter, but the "party line" gets a touch obnoxious from time to time. I found this post today as result of wanting to just check and see if anything has changed.  Not really, since inception they have bastardized the interoperability between the . ME, .MAC and .COM domain account information. 


    The good news is that if you only ever create ONE id, everything will be fine, but they simply cannot interpret their directory servers so they can speak the same lingo.  "Apparently."


    Thanks for your time.  You will love your new Mac, but there are some quirky Apple Corporate decision makers to contend with just like any other company where they only want your money and your "rating" to make sure they can hedge the bets they play in the stock market. 


    Understandable?  Sure, necessary?  Not really.


    Just one guys "real" opinion.


    Ciao, Allen

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    I have a somewhat related question for anyone who can answer it. I originally had a .mac email address, which got changed to a .me address. I have since only used the .me address, yet I continue to get email to the .mac email address, even though everything I use email for has been changed over. I now have switched over to iCloud. The problem I am having is that I am getting spam email like crazy coming to my .mac email, which in turn comes to my iCloud account through the .me email address. Is there any way to delete the .mac email associated with my account??


    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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    Hello All - I too am having ot deal with this issue. My wife inadvertently ended up with two accounts and now cannot merge them. Honeslty I love Apple products but their ability to execute on the software and cloud front have failed miserably. My solution - I have migrated everything I can to other platforms (Google, Spotify, SugarSync) and everything is working great. I have endured nine years of pain with them and just decided it was time for a divorce on the front.


    Apple, please listen, you need to get these issues fixed and soon. Not only is it frustrating that this does not work you are completely ignoring the community that loves you. You do not have to look too far in the past to see how giants before you have fallen by not listening to their customers.


    Loving my mac - with other companies apps!

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    Well, I read through all of this and it doesn't seem to help me with my problem.  My wife and I had two iphones, an ipad and two computers between us.  She had one Apple ID, that went to her email acct.  I have another.  She passed away last year and now I have songs stored with her ID, most purchases from our home computer went through her account and all are tied to her old email address.


    All I want to do is change her account to my email address and delete my account since most of our stuff is with her account.  But because I have another account it won't let me use my email address.


    For the life of me I don't understand why Apple doesn't want me to be able to consolodate accounts in this manner.  If I could simply delete my account it would solve my problem but from this post and others it doesn't seem like they want me to do that.

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    That one is actually easy. Sign up for a free hotmail or gmail account. Change your account's email address. You can now change her account.

  • I Am Reason Level 1 (0 points)

    It seems after I had posted of my temporary success, my Apple ID that I was logged into after I completed this miracle merging, was displayed instead of the address I had altered my Apple ID to become (which was an email address,) ending what was the address with @me.oom. I cannot think of a logical reason that would explain this, that does not involve conspiracy, personal vendetta and a sense of satisfaction from rendering my miracle merging process now ineffective. I've decided to post this follow-up to my experience as I have read of a similar experience where this user I'm referring to's Apple ID was altered to an innexistent Apple ID (@me.oom) from a previously existent functioning Apple ID (,) disabling access to the altered once functional Apple ID. In order to perform any Apple-related activity that required me to sign in to my Apple ID, I identified no other solution other than altering my Apple ID to the Apple ID I previously used. This was a very stressful experience, as I had achieved success only for the success to become no longer successful.

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    But, "Macs just work". Apple can do no wrong. Hey, it doesn't have to work if it looks this pretty, right?

  • netstrada Level 1 (0 points)

    thanks for advice

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    I too, have 2 apple IDs, my gmail address which I have used to make iTunes purchases for years and my @me address. For "all things apple" I have wanted to use my address for a while. This is what I did:


    1. Every time I made a purchase on iTunes I burned the music to a back up CD. So the protected music I would always delete the original purchase and copy it back to iTunes from the CD. This left all my music in iTunes unprotected. I could play it without logging in and move it around on my computers more easily.

    2. Once Apple started offering the purchase of unprotected music, that is what I always purchased for the above reasons.

    3. I then copied ALL my retail store purchased CDs into iTunes so my entire music collection is digital.

    4. Since it is unprotected, I can sign in with my address and from now on make purchases using that.


    I also purchased iTunes Match with my new address so my entire music collection is in the cloud. It worked great.


    That doesn't work for movies, of course, but I only had a few that I purchased through iTunes, I would usually rent movies, so the impact on that was minimal. I've used Amazon for instant video purchases for quite a while, more flexible than iTunes.


    The App store is a little different, I have to install old apps logged in with the old gmail ID. I then signed out and signed back in with my account and make all new purchases with that. Because of the beauty of Time Machine I have rarely had to log back into the Mac App store to reinstall something.  I just copy it from my time machine backup when putting it on a new Mac.


    For contacts, I just used the sync feature to sync all gmail contacts to my mac, then signed in to iCloud with my ID and synced to iCloud. That also worked like a dream. 


    I still use Google Docs/Drive for keeping my files/documents in the cloud. Apple has completely missed the boat so far with cloud files/documents and sharing.


    I then reset my iPhone to use my account. Fortunately, I only had a couple of inexpensive paid apps on my iphone and I just paid for them again with my account, just to simplify things. 


    This proces worked easily for me only because I had been creating the backup music CDs from the early days of iTunes and creating an unprotected music library. But, maybe something in this process will be helpful to someone else.



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    Much time has passed since your post Jim, and I was wondering if you've learned anything new.


    My story:

    In January signing up for itunes match I had ID issues, they directed me to a page where I could make my primary email ( my sole ID.  (I believe this page has been changed since)


    Come to find out today that I now have TWO ids, originalID and and have been making purchases on the account.  Needless to say this isn't working. 


    This is all made more confusing because it only recently became a problem. 


    And then today apple phone support  essentially told me it was my fault and I had to live with it.


    Has anybody had more succes with this issue lately?

  • Adriano from São Paulo Level 1 (10 points)

    As far as I understand, it is not possible at this moment. I found this at Apple FAQ into Apple ID page.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I merge multiple Apple IDs into one?
    You cannot merge two or more Apple IDs into a single one. You can, however, use one Apple ID for iCloud services and another Apple ID for store purchases (including iTunes in the Cloud and iTunes Match). See “Using one Apple ID for iCloud and a different Apple ID for Store Purchases” above for details.



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