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    My iPad has been slower than before as well.  Never had a moment of trouble with the prior release of iOS, but I've had some random crashes and some slow behavior.  I'm hoping that it's just a matter of some of the developers treaking their apps.  The Weather Channel updated theirs (one of the ones that was crashing) and now it works fine.



  • malsdq Level 1 (0 points)

    @chrisCA, I'm doing it now. Normally I would have been hesitant but I had todo this once with an Apple support person, so I'm putting all my faith andtrust in you.  Let me see what happens:  Yes that worked flawlessly.  I can now switch most expeditiously and I find that even Words with Friends loads quicker and also moves faster from game to game.


    I don't know who you are, but I'd like to shake your hand as a warm THANKYOU!





  • BeersYourFriend Level 1 (5 points)

    I don't know if you are trying to change the subject, or are clearly not in the right forum. This whole conversation is about multitasking gestures, and Not speed performance & crash issues. That happens when a new iOS comes out, and many developers need to fix these problems...


    For the people defending Apple... Wouldn't you think it would be only fair? Don't you see that Apple should have implemented gestures into the original iPad? What is it that you are backing up? The processing power? The software wouldn't work? What???


    This is a very easy subject, and would think everyone would like gestures on both iPads... Right?


    What are you defending?

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    @beersyourfriend.  I'm not trying to change the conversation. I've never been on the forum before, typed in IOS5 Sluggish in the search, and this thread came up. I noticed someone else was having the same issue, Thankfully, someone kinder than you offered assistance and I'm off and running.


    For the record, I don't even know what Gestures were at least until now.


    Perhaps you should change your name to bulliesnotyourfriend. You could have more compassion and deal with one or two replies in a thread that are albeit misplaced, the problem was solved. Get over yourself!

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    I do have an iPad, I have a 64 GB Wi-Fi only iPad 2. And I paid $5 to buy Xcode to turn on the MTGs in my iPad as soon as I heard that it was possible. And I could care less if Apple also gave MTGs to the iPad 1 in the iOS 5 upgrade. But if iOS 5 had come out and the MTGs were not available to any iPad, I would have been disappointed, but I would have understood that that is the way of beta software. It has certainly happened to us before in the 26+ years that I have been using Apple products and the handful of years I have been a seed tester for Apple software. I have also been an owner of the model that did not get the upgrade to a new feature when newer models did, unfortunately that is the nature of progress in the world of computer electronics.


    BTW, no one who is an upper level user here gets anything for posting comments in threads. We have become upper level users because we earned points, 5 and 10 points at a time, posting comments that the originator of a topic felt was helpful to their issue or provided the solution to solve their issue. But this is the Apple Support Communities and we, along with anyone else who wishes to abide by the Terms of Use regardless of user level, are welcome to share our opinions here.

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    Perhaps your username says it all.......and perhaps you've had a few too many friends.  I've been an Apple user for at least 25 years and own many products. I own an original iPad and am far from a newbie.  I have earned the few points I do have on this forum because I offered constructive help.  Being rude and abusive is not constructive, nor polite.

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    That's precisely why they've done it! To force you to upgrade! Once you've installed the update and ruined your pride and joy, you can't go back and are forced to either live with it or buy the latest version at a premium cost. Great way to treat your loyal followers Apple! Profit over everything else! Way to go!

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    You are completely off topic calling a user a drunkard and need to leave the forum. This discussion is about loss of gestures, not a name calling contest!


    Anyways, friends, when is this gesturing coming back to our iPads??? Sounds like Apple is running amuck on this? What say you guys, what is this about?

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    What in the world does that blather have to do with this issue? Sounds like an unhelpful post and self serving.


    So, others, how do we go about getting this update for gestures, and is it an acceptable mod? Or is it going to open our iPads up to back doors?

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    The blather comment was a joke to a friend of mine.


    However, it is the forum hosts who dertermine whether comments are out of line. You have no business telling anyone to leave the ASC.


    Inviting an open conversation here about hacking/jailbreaking your iPads will only get your comments removed by the forum hosts. And if you were to persist in the topic they will shut down your account.

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    Umm, t-shirts, conference calls, and more? Now, let's get back to topic and stop trying to mute bloggers such as me just trying to get gesture functionality back... Anyone heard of a new iOS upgrade 5.1 to fix this mess or is this and other bugs that appeared in its 5.0 going to plague our iPad 1's until they die a slow and less productive existence in the hands of their unsuspecting owners who erred by upgrading.

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    No need to be a bully D, I asked if was acceptable by Apple. Have a little respect for the forum newbies instead of threatening them, huh?!?

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    You must live in a fantasy world, reread your comments, you asked nothing about acceptability, you ordered someone to leave because you deemed his comment inappropriate. If you are new here, then behave as someone who does not know the ropes, not as if you own the place. There is nothing bullying about reminding you of the Terms of Use that if you are new, then you should have recently read them, they are part of the new account process.

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    That sounds off topic what you wrote, how does this add to the discussion, please tell. You are sounding like a moderator in Apple's employ, so maybe you would like to speak for Apple and let us know whether they plan to give us gestures back as a good faith "gesture" (lol), or are you just here to quench the public's sincere requests for action from Apple in the appropriate "forum".

  • Dah•veed Level 7 (33,415 points)

    I am here to have fun.


    This is a dead topic, that like many other threads of similar value, the hosts will let go on to oblivion as long as posts are civil, unlike a post I remember here earlier today that was removed. I forget, was that your comment?


    If you expect a response from Apple, it is unlikely that one will be forthcoming, in my experience they do not usually work that way. And in the highly unlikely event that they were to reverse themselves on the gestures and open them up to the original iPad, there will be no announcement, it will just quietly appear in the iOS 5.1 update, which should be weeks, if not a month or more away.