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How do I sync IOS Reminders on my IPad with Microsoft Office Reminders on my Mac?



  • bradfromcenterville Level 1 Level 1

    I would like to know as well. Anyone?

  • lkpolovchik Level 1 Level 1

    I don't think we can yet. I read something a few months ago that support for sync to Outlook tasks was expected, but if you look on your info tab in iTunes there is nothing there about tasks. It lists sync with calendar, contacts and notes in Outlook only. It's a bummer, maybe in a few months they will figure that out. In the mean time I will continue to use 2do which works really good with Outlook.  On the other hand, I love the notifications drop down. If there is a cloud out there that would sync all my stuff between my iPhone and my Samsung Galaxy Tab that would be great. Sorry Apple, I would love a 7" iPad, but you don't have one yet. Please do soon.

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    The Mac should sync Outlook TASKS but will not sync To-Do's.  The PC version requires the Icloud control panel program to be installed and again Tasks get synced but To-Do's dont.  So every time you drag an e-mail to your task bar it only creates a To-Do item... right now I would have to go to my task tab and manually drag my To-Do's to the Tasks category in the My Tasks window.  While that creates duplicate (now you have both a To-Do and a Task) the Task syncs with IOS 5

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    ifly, are you talking about Outlook 2011 for the Mac? I was playing with this on my wife's iMac and trying to sync with her new 4s. Using iCloud the sync worked. I ended up disabling iCloud because it seemed to not allow the sync to work back to Outlook. Once I rebuilt my calendar and reminders on the iMac, I tried syncing my iPad. Contacts and calendars seemed fine, but no Reminders.


    I've looked around and some stories say it only syncs if using iCould. Someone please prove me wrong.


    - RCS

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    No, you are not wrong. It seems as though the reminders app only syncs to Outlook of you use the iCloud, which I chose not to do. I do have a purchased app called 2Do that works nicely with Outlook and does a sync in the wifi network between my dell laptop and my iPhone 4. No cables or outlets needed. You just open up the app and hit sync. It finds your laptop name and does it in a few seconds. It shows up in my Outlook 2007 and works both ways. I have no complaints and do not miss the reminders app. It cost me about $5.99 or so a few months back.

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    What does it mean to sync reminders 1 Month Back? or 6 months back? I only want reminders of future events. Does it mean sync recurring reminders created 6 months ago?

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    Entourage 08 and Outook 2011 for Mac is nowhere compatible with iCloud at all, not for calendars, not for contacts. The only thing it might handle is IMAP mail,but that's about it.


    So syncing reminders will also be unlikely.


    The only apps that work with icloud are Lions built-in native apps : Mail,Calendar,iCal.



    Outlook on Windows is a complete different story. The Mac version lacks components such as CardDAV that Lion would need to access/Sync in order for iCloud .

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    Another vote for "2Do" -- I dumped "ToDo" for 2Do and have been happy *except* that you have to run a second sync using their utlity. Would be nice if Reminders/Tasks syncing was just rolled into iTunes, but Apple seems intent on getting us all into their cloud...


    Why did I never consider Android? Because I don't want to sync to Google's cloud, and syncing to Oulook is otherwise a PIA.


    So now Apple (who incidentally claims Google stole every idea they have) is now pointing us towards cloud syncing for new features -- without a USB option?


    Just great...

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    I like the andorid tablet because it has the flash video and is small enough to fit in my purse. I dont have any tasks or reminders on it. I did export my outlook contacts on it for gmail. It seemed redundant to me to have all of my email accounts on all devices as I use different devices for different things. My tablet is a reader and a game player and my iPhone is my smartphone. I actually got disgusted with the wifi sync for my iPhone and connect the cable to my laptop now. It's too slow and anyway what is the point of plugging the iPhone into an outlet then going to your laptop to open up iTunes to do all that? The google sync with the android tablet is done wirelessly and is much easier/painfree than the iPhone sync. I am just too cheap to spend the money on another app to sync with outlook. No iCloud for me but check into the amazon cloud drive. If you are interested in a cloud at all, it is less for extra storage than the other two and you can purchase android apps from amazon too. They have nice mp3 and kindle ebook specials if you follow them on twitter. In hind sight I should have just purchased the Kindle Fire which is only wifi without the bluetooth and front/back cameras and saved the $30 in data charges from Verizon Wireless but I had to try something new. Android on a tablet is perfect for my needs and ios is perfect for my smartphone needs.

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    I also do not wish to use iCloud or any cloud service for that matter because I do not want my data anywhere else than on my computer and smartphone for data privacy reasons.  I hope Apple takes note that there are people who do not want to use the cloud, and enables syncing Windows Outlook Tasks with iOS5 Reminders through iTunes.  It can technically be done as we see with Outlook notes and contacts.  It is unclear to me why Apply would not want to accomodate its users.  I hope they take note and enable this in a subsequent version.  Does anyone know if there is an Apple email address where we can make comments to Apple to include certain features in future?