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Hi, I do not know if this has been asked already but here is my problem:


My 4-month old iPad 2 is stuck in Recovery Mode after I tried to update from iOS 4.3.5 to iOS 5. I have been trying to restore it, but iTunes (10.5) won't let me, and here is the message it has been returning, "the iPad "iPad" cannot be restored at this time because the iPad software update server could not be contacted or is temporarily unavailble". I've been having that message forever now.


Note: before attempting to update the iPad I successfully updtated my iPhone. What should I do next? Go to the next Apple store or what?



iPad 2
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    its because the servers are working overtime now.. there are a lot of people having that prob. wait a cuple of hours. maby that will help. had the same prob here in denmark. 4 hours for the download alone.

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    Come to think of it, it makes sense. LOL. it took me 3 hours to update my iPhone. But at least I did not have any error messages...


    I hope later on it will be fine though...

    Thanks for your answer

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    You are not alone. Iphone no prob, ipad different story. I've been searching around and everyone is thinking its overloaded servers. So I'm just going to try again tomorrow.

    Good Luck (To us both)

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    Thanks bry279.


    We were very smart to update on the released day. LOL


    Good luck to you too.

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    I just hit the Restore instead of Update button.

    Figuring a Restore might make things go smoother tomorrow.

    (Of course hours ago the update had downloaded and was ready to go)

    It took about half an hour to restore (contacts, apps, etc)

    When I turned the iPad on It restored ok and. viola,  it is now on ios5 !!!!!

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    Ok, it looks like it really was a busy server problem. My iPad restored properly and is now working under iOS 5.

    Thanks, guys, again for yoru replies.  

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    I was running into this issue and I had my IPAD plugged into a Hub that was connected to the PC. When I plugged the IPAD into the PC directly, the error went away and I was able to complete the Install.