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  • Filip_czech Level 1 (0 points)

    Same over here, Events in my iPad 1 are using the first photo, and not the one assigned in iPhoto in my iMac. It worked flawlessly until I updated to iOS 5 few weeks ago. Hope the fix will come soon, as this is very annoying!

  • iLouca Level 1 (0 points)

    Have updated to the newest version of iPhoto and this problem still exists. Also the picture frame on iPad no longer zooms in on faces on the photos, makes the feature totally useless

  • Ant-D Level 1 (0 points)

    Same problem here also.  When updating to iOS 5 I lost all my Key Photos for all my albums on my iPad and iPhone 4s.  Key photos still show up on my Mackbook with iPhoto but when albums were transferred to iOS 5 device Key Photos are lost.


    iOS 4 worked fine.  Issue started with iOS 5.

  • maiksd Level 1 (0 points)

    Same here. But I think this isn't a bug in iOS 5 but rather in iTunes 10.5, as the photo app on my iPod nano shows the same effect, and that's for sure not running the "real" iOS.

  • sharonpoppy Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the same problem with my  new ipad 2 and iphoto - I have the latest versions. To get all of the photos to sync (which I haven't done all of them yet) I copied them into a folder on my desktop (imac), opened them all in preview, changed the size of all of them, saved all, then imported them back into iphoto as a new event. The photos in the folder all sync perfect now whereas the same photos weren't syncing before I did this. The old ones still don't sync but the new folder/event does. Maybe it is a size of the photo problem. It is a pain though. Also some of my videos don't sync now whereas before I did the update they worked fine. I have had to change the format of them too.

  • Bruce S. Level 1 (55 points)

    I have the identical issue. I tried removing the iPod Photo Cache, emptying trash, as described in other posts but it isn't helping. It did make the sync go smoother and fastter but my key photos on my MBP are not transferring to my iPad or iPhone.

  • sbarkley Level 1 (0 points)

    I've discovered a work around.  the iPad displays the oldest photo in the event as the key photo.  In iPhoto, select the photo you want to use for the key photo, and then change the date of the photo so that it is the first one in the event (under the photo menu item, you can adjust time and date).  Resync and voila!

  • MacFanDan Level 1 (0 points)

    New to this forum, sorry if my suggestion has already been made - had same problem, only way I could fix was to go into iPhoto on my Mac and edit the date/time for my desired key photo to be the earliest time of the batch of photos in that particular event. Then sync to iPad - seems to work OK.

    Mac OSX 10.6.8, iPhoto11 9.2.3

  • ew85284 Level 1 (0 points)

    Same problem after upgrading to iphoto 9.4 and ios6 with mountain lion. All my key photo setting don't apply on the ipad.

  • LiamHawes Level 1 (0 points)

    I wrote a message to Apple and had a call regarding this issue from an Apple Executive Relations this evening. He confirms that this feature was dropped in iOS 5 and Apple has no current plans to restore this. He recommeded filling out Apple Feedback forms (which I have already done). He said they aren't ruling out this feature returning in a future update, but they currently have no plans to.


    I was pretty upset and told him how much that *****. It might seem like a trival feature, but it enriches the Photo app having all my carefully selected Key Photos carry over to my iOS devices. I don't understand why it would be dropped. It's ridiculous. How long would it take their software engineers to restore this?

  • ew85284 Level 1 (0 points)

    Has to be the craziest thing I've heard in a long time. Anyway, it DID work for me in ios5, so they're lying about something. I think they broke it and are billing it as "what they meant"...

  • Brekeke Level 1 (0 points)



    it's solved by me: drag the photo you want use as a key photo to the first in the album then sync. It's working with iOS 6 & Lion with iPhoto 9.4.2

  • ew85284 Level 1 (0 points)

    You kinda missed the point. It used to take your key photo from iPhoto and translate that to the key photo on the iPad. Period. No extra work required. If you sort your photos chronologically, you don't want to be manually reordering them.

  • Richard Liu Level 1 (45 points)


    Indeed, I am still running iOS 5 on all my iToys, and on all of them the Photos app ignores the key photo for events.  I cannot fathom the logic of retaining the feature in OS X and "dropping" it in iOS, yet missing no opportunity to emphasize how the two are converging.  I guess Apple doesn't adhere to the standard mathematical definition of convergence.



    I have used Feedback to report all sorts of problems.  The reports seem to disappear in a black hole.  Nothing ever happens.  Nobody ever acknowledges the feedback and the problems never get fixed.  Apple Care is getting to be just as bad.  Problems are quickly escalated, and a second-level support agent swears up and down that he'll report the problem to Engineering and get back to me.  Black hole here, too.  Just recently I discussed a problem with what must be a next-generation second-level support agent.  He had me create a new account and try to reproduce the problem there.  When I succeeded, he decided that that proved that it was a feature, i.e., intended by Engineering, not a bug.  "Oh, I understand," I replied.  "So if a program were crashing and I could duplicate that in a new account, that would prove that it was supposed to crash, right?"  Black hole.

    I am really puzzled how year after year Apple support is voted the best.  The Apple Maps fiasco was a desaster waiting to happen.  The software engineers are apparently so convinced that they're God's gift to software development, and, consequently, that all other software developers are cretins, that they've unilaterally declared testing obsolete.  First-rate developers don't make mistakes, second-rate developers test.  And now, even support seems to have bought into this attitude.  Support's mission, evidently, is to ensure that all the cool features  that all the cool developers have built into the programs receive the appreciation that they deserve, or, at least, don't get mistaken for bugs.



  • Joseph Casey Level 1 (0 points)

    I agree that this is one of the the most annoying and unecessary f'ups made to existing functionality.  My ipad3 ought to be a better platform for browsing photos than my ipad1 was but due to apple idiocy that is distinctly not the case. I should be expecting more functionality not less in year 4 of the tablet surely?! By now i should be syncing photo ratings i have made in the photos app back to aperture libraries where i can filter on the ipad made decisions; allowing the ipad to be a quick photo picking tool when going through 1000s of shots - no dice. By now i should be able to bring up photo information for a photo i'm looking at - no dice.  Not even iphoto on ipad will sync key photos with iphoto on mac or the photos app on ipad.


    How could they so comprehensively mess this up?! Apple were always the go-to computer from graphicanos and photographers but now despite every advantage in apple controlled mac and ipad situation (and their own aperture /iphoto looking after photo database maangement) the integration is disappointing non-existent with ipad1 and still in March 2013 that is the case! lightroom on mac/windows and an android tablet is the way to go - the software works well by all accounts. Sadly i think my ipad3 is going on ebay where i wonder if it will get me a fraction of its rediculous 560£UK retail price - clearly not at all justified by aged shoddy software less functional than on April 2010 ipad1. (I have to say google street view not being in the maps app is another deficit so tangible and jarring having been used to functionality that a £560 product suddenly no longer has without resorting to a third party.)


    With apple nothing seams to just work anymiore, and if you build any workflow around their software features you may well find yourself swiftly out of pocket - how many people have invested in AirPlay hi-fi systems just to abandon in favour of sonus when they realise how glitchy itunes is a source in such a setup (ipad works fine in AirPlay but one needs iTunes to stream to multiple speakers).


    Apologies to anyone who actually read this huge rant.  All the best.

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