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We have multiple devices (2 x iPhone and 2 x iPod Touch) that use the one Apple ID for our family.  As we all have separate email accounts, calendars and contacts, do we need to create individual Apple ID for iCloud syncing and iTunes purchases or is it possible to destinguish devices use the one ID?


Appreciate any guidance here, as not keen on setting up new Apple ID's for young children.




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    Sorry, just want to chime in and say that we have this issue too. We have only three devices, Mac, PC, and iPod touch. But we have two each of separate email accounts, address books, and calendars. We decided several years ago to use one Apple ID for iTunes only on one computer and the iPod. But how will several adults in a family share an Apple ID and iTunes login, but enable separate email, contacts, and calendars in iCloud? We really want this to work.


    Thanks very much!


    OH, wait - it looks like it is answered here:



    The answer is a little bit hard to understand, so I will keep reading. We did not have Mobile me addresses, so I guess we will create two new ones.


    I'll post more threads if I find them.


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    Here's a shorter answer: https://discussions.apple.com/message/15373767#15373767


    So it seems the answer is  - keep your one family Apple ID. Then download iCloud on each device. Set up an iCloud id on each device, they can be different, and check separate email, contacts, calendar. But they can all share the iTunes from the same Apple ID.


    Of course, I haven't tried any of this. But it seems to be what others are saying. Good luck! Dianne

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    Thanks Dianne


    I had come to similar conclusion.  Will give it a go.