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    I am getting imessages, but there is no bubble against the contacts in my phonebook to say which contacts have imessage.....

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    Same thing for me.  My wife and I both have ios5 and imessage turned on... yet there is no imessage when I text her.  Could the fact that we both use my Apple ID be an issue?

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    I thought this was our problem (using the same Apple ID), but I switched our iPad over to my apple id and my messages won't send.  My husband can send & receive from other users on his iPhone 3GS.  Nothing will go out (or in for that matter) from my iPad.   HOpefully we'll get some answers soon.

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    Make sure you delete all the previous conversation/texts you have sent to the person and then start a new message, the iMessage text should appear in the text box.

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    My iMessage worked earlier, but then it started going to my email. When I went to settings, it doesnt allow me to add my phone number like my roommate who also has iOS 5.


    Any advice?

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    My wife and I are having the same issue.  There is no alert for the iMessage AND it comes in under our Apple ID on my phone, but normal on her phone.  We are Using the same Apple ID and I am wondering if this is causing the problem.  We turned on iCloud and deleted iCloud...this did not change the problem.  Very frustrating because my wife can litterally NOT text or iMessage I get NO ALERTS that she has.  Please offer any advice...I'm holding for someone at Apple...can't see how we all of sudden wouldn't be able to use the same Apple ID, how does that make any sense for one local for all of your devices to connect to on iTunes?

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    Just worked on the phone with Apple.  Essentially iCloud and iMessage are setup to work with ONE Apple ID, one user overall.  Our situation is a family setup...where we assumed iCloud/iMessage would work over ONE Apple ID, allow contacts, pictures, songs to sync over all devices...however Apple is telling me that is not the case.  You can easily resolve the iMessage no alert problem we were having by simply disabling iMessage in Setup->Message.


    Will be providing feedback to Apple on why this *****...and setting up another Apple ID for a family doesn't work...multiple accounts/iTunes...can't share Applications...etc. if you care to share as well.

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    I have fixed this problem just by restart both iPhones. Give it a try…

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    rebooting my ipad did not fix the problem

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    I didn't delete previous conversations on my iPhone 4 and iMessaging works fine. It's still an issue with my Ipad.

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    Had a problem with iMessage, both on the iPhone 4 and 4S Verizon models. Apple tech support said iMessage for Verizon was wi-fi only because the phone uses CDMA technology; AT&T is GSM... Only after comparing settings with a coworker was the problem solved.




    Settings::General::Restrictions::Allow: FaceTime and Camera.


    For reasons that have not been explained IT WORKS!

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    Thank you!!


    I was having the same problem.  I had restrictions disabled at the start, but I enabled them and then turned FaceTime and Camera off and then turned them back on.  Now iMessage works!

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    Worked seamlessly on my wife's iphone 4, but not on my iphone 3gs.  The solution,strangley enough, was to disable and then re-enable the camera

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    i have ipad 2 and after updating on iOS5 iMessage and Face time doesnt work.Also Iphone 4s sim free hangs on activating message (imessage and facetime too)