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    I can recieve iMessages from other iPhones but not send them. It says "Not Delivered." But the odd thing is that I can send and receive messages to myself. help!

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    I have an iPhone 4 running IOS 5


    At first iMessage worked just fine but now it doesnt.


    I can receive imessages and send them back BUT only when someone send it to me first.

    If I want to start a conversation using iMessage to another iMessage friend (obviously), it wont work. It sends a regular SMS.

    I have tried everything (rebooting, restoring, restrictions on/off in camera and facetime) and nothing works for me.


    Any ideas??

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    I don't know whether this might be helpful for anyone, but my wife and I had a problem in that any iMessages we tried to send between us would either show as "Not Delivered" or would eventually arrive, but without any sort of notification.


    I discovered that iMessage accounts on both of our phones was configured for my Apple ID only.  (We had shared a single ID up unil iOS 5.)  Changing hers to a new unique ID did the trick and now iMessage is working just fine for the both of us.

    This setting can be found under Settings > Messages > Receive At

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    gorms3 wrote:


    Just worked on the phone with Apple.  Essentially iCloud and iMessage are setup to work with ONE Apple ID, one user overall.  Our situation is a family setup...where we assumed iCloud/iMessage would work over ONE Apple ID, allow contacts, pictures, songs to sync over all devices...however Apple is telling me that is not the case.  You can easily resolve the iMessage no alert problem we were having by simply disabling iMessage in Setup->Message.


    Will be providing feedback to Apple on why this *****...and setting up another Apple ID for a family doesn't work...multiple accounts/iTunes...can't share Applications...etc. if you care to share as well.

    You only need different icloud accounts. You still can use the same itunes account to purchase apps and share them between all your ios devices. If you go into settings and set up each individual icloud username and password then go to settings>store you can put the same apple id that you use for purchases only. Problem solved.

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    iMessageFIXER wrote:


    Had a problem with iMessage, both on the iPhone 4 and 4S Verizon models. Apple tech support said iMessage for Verizon was wi-fi only because the phone uses CDMA technology; AT&T is GSM... Only after comparing settings with a coworker was the problem solved.

    Not true. I have sprint and they don't use GSM either but use CMDA just like Verizon and I send imessages all the time over 3G on the sprint network. The Verizon person you talked to didn't know what they were talking about. BTW a friend of mine has Verizon iphone4 and we imessage all the time off of wifi so I know it will do it over the cell network too.

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    Me and my fiancé have iPhone 4's the only difference is color but for some reason when he sends me an iMessage his email shows up and when I go and try to add his phone number on his phone for his address it won't let me it only let's me add another email and on my phone it has 2 addresses my number and email.. Can someone help me??

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    My iphone still waiting for activation of imessage n facetime...i can use it by my email add, how bout in my celphone no.

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    Hope this help anyone:


    My iPhone is factory unlocked and I didnt have a + sign before any area code contact number. So I tried typing it and iMessage is 100% working now!!!

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    Can you say me how to activate imessage in my ipod?

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    how do i disactivate my imessage feature on a computeR?

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