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    Nothing showing up on lock screen like promised... and when viewing my emails, they would disappear out of nowhere. When I try looking for them they are simply gone. Why?

  • Marc Wilson Level 4 Level 4

    potsy_15 wrote:


    I know it's on. I have it on all the time. It only works when I actually turn the "Notifications" button off, so technically, it shouldn't be giving me any notification whatsoever.


    There is no switch labeled "Notifications".  There is one labeled "Nofification Center", and there is one labeled "View in Lock Screen".  They are independent of each other.

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    Sorry to disagree but that is definately "how it works" in fact. mine was working fine until today and thats why im here...


    Before today all my unread emails and unread facebook notices and weather and even stocks showed up in my lock screen. All my unaddressed notices showed there. Now today after i synced it went away. I have no idea why.

  • xeqtv Level 1 Level 1

    Check out this video at about half way.  Apparently, lock screen notifications are for any new notices, not the notifications that appears in the regular NC. Fail IMHO. I jailbroken my last iPhone strictly to have a calendar, events, mail, texts on the lock screen.

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    But do you know why income message doesnt remain in lock screen mode WHEN recieving them in lock screen mode?


    i watched 2-3 income whatsapp message appear IN lock screen mode but then they disappeared! Why??

  • EZ2CY Level 1 Level 1

    There are a number of issues to fix this:

    1. You cannot view the "Notification Centre" from the lock screen.

    2. You can have all your NEW notifications appear in your lock screen by changing the settings in  Settings>Notifications>(and then select that app). 

    3.  You also have to ensure you are allowing notifications within the App itself, inside the App's settings.


    Here are a few hints:

    • If you have the "Alert Style" set to "None" - they won't show up, even if you turn them "On". 
    • If you set to "Banners" they will show up as Banners while your phone is unlocked, and also as a Banner on the Lock screen (if the lock screen setting is set to "on").  From the lock screen you can "swipe" the notification, and it will take you right to that app.  
    • If you set as "Alerts" - it will require you to select an action before proceeding - in which case you must "unlock the phone", and the rest of any notifications on your lock screen will not longer be considered new - and won't show up again when you lock your phone.


    My recommendation: Set them all as Banners, and then you have more options.  Once you "Unlock" your phone, all of them will be removed from your lock screen, but you can then see them in the Notification Centre.


    Some exmples:

    Facebook:  you need to select Settings>Notification>Facebook.  If you want your notifications from Facebook to show up on your phone, select "Notification centre: ON".  Select the Alert Style.  If you want to see them in your lock screen, turn "View in Lock Screen:ON."  THEN, go to Settings>Facebook>Push Notifications, and select the ones you would like.  They will show up on your phone.


    EMAIL: Settings>Notifications>Mail.If you want your notifications from your email accounts to show up on your phone, select "Notification centre: ON". Select the Alert Style. If you want to see them in your lock screen, turn "View in Lock Screen:ON."  THEN go to Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars>and select the Mail Account you would like notifications for..  Depending on the account type you may need to change your "push or fetch" settings.


    TEXT:  Settings>Notifications>Messages If you want your notifications from texts to show up on your phone, select "Notification centre: ON". Select the Alert Style. If you want to see them in your lock screen, turn "View in Lock Screen:ON."  If you want to see the whole message, select "Show Preview: ON", "OFF will just display the name of the person who sent the text".

  • Mutley D Level 1 Level 1

    Apple are just too thick or stubborn (or both) to provide a lock screen that is actually uselful.

    Surely it can't be that hard to go have a look at how Lockinfo works and do that?

  • Hutchy007 Level 1 Level 1

    My first Iphone was the 4, and when i got it i could not believe the basic options and functionality that werent even included. I nearly returned it, but was convinced to jailbreak it and see how it faired. Basically it transformed the phone and i have kept it and been happy with it ever since.


    Well, just updated my Iphone 4 to IOS 5 expecting a fully working useful lockscreen (something that has been on windows phones for a decade!), low and behold i cant do this?


    The sole reason for me Jailbreaking this device initially was for the notifications on the lock screen. It is essential to me for appointments, birthdays (cant live without it) etc...... why in gods name cant Apple do this - it is beyond a fu%^ing joke.


    I was getting a 4s next week, now however, im gonna get something else, probably have to go down the android route i guess,  as theres no way in **** im putting up with another half arsed attempt at a phone. So unless theres an untethered jailbreak appears its adios from me Apple!


    I genuinely cannot believe that they've stuck 2 fingers up at all their customers once again - its truly unbelievable how people just keep on coming back for more though?

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    Hi guys! I have the problem with Facebook messenger only. No notifications in the lockscreen since a week now. Anyone experiencing the same and know how to fix this? I set it up right...

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    I have the same problem,no notifications even with phone unlocked for Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp


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    It was working on my girlfriends phone but not mine. Here is how I fixed it.

    I went to settings > notifications and I went to mail. I turned it off in the notification center. I put it as banner for alert style. The bottom three are supposed to be on.

    Then, power down your iPhone. Turn it back on and you should be good.

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