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    I had the same problem and an Apple tech told me you can not access iCloud .com from the iPad, only from a Mac or PC.

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    Just another example of Apple tossing out the things that worked with their attempts at intigrating the cloub and maybe fixing those that didn't. iDisk, though very slow and not automatic, worked and for me very well and did for years. What worked even better was using my TC with a USB hard drive attacted to store files - they were always avaible right there on the left side of the finder under shared. Now that only works when I'm on my local network. Thanks iCloud, it just works - to make my tasks take extra steps to complete



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    I was told you had to initiate any iWork docment on any device OTHER than an iMac!! Does anyone know what they are doing?

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    I am bamboozled.  By looking at the website, and even the iCloud page on the Apple site, I had come away with the notion that if I created a document in one (my iMac) and uploaded it via my iPad2, that the changes in one would sync with the other (or with my MacbookPro or my iPhone 4S).


    That this is not the case has me going away from using Pages, Numbers, or Keynote on the iPad at all and going to to other programs.  Like using Evernote to sync notes and a guidebook I am creating, and so forth. 


    I'm not miffed at Apple not being able to do this as I understand that there are a lot of things involved.  But I just spent a long time trying to figure out why  my documents were not syncing when they could have put it in big bold letters on the site that it only syncs on iOS devices and not computers.  Thanks for wasting my time.  There's lying and then there's lying by omission.

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    exactly the same problem here, bro.  sometimes i can upload a document (numbers) from imac to cloud and it will show up in numbers on iphone and ipad.  other times it won't, or it will only show up in one.  sometimes it shows up with a preview, other times with just the numbers icon.  no rhyme or reason, not doing anything differently.  also have had documents deleted by icloud, but when i go to copy the document back to the cloud, it still thinks they're there.  this was a big part of my motivation to go entirely apple (imac, iphone, ipad), and it's so unreliable as to be a moot point currently.  very disappointing.  apple doesn't have their stuff together nearly as much as i was lead to believe.  i would hope they have this fixed very soon.  can't believe they would launch with so many bugs.

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    Same here. iCloud syncing was supposed to "just work"? I assumed it would so I bought OS X Lion, Numbers for Mac, and Numbers for iPad JUST FOR THIS FEATURE ALONE. Then I went through the upgrade process to iCloud...


    And now... it's not working. At the very least they should put a big warning sticker on the iWorks/Mac apps saying something like "You might expect this to work with iCloud. But it doesn't."

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    Apple: Please use some of that cash on your balance and buy Dropbox!!

    iCloud not syncing numbers, pages, keynote on ipad, iCloud and iPhone.


    BTW Photostream is also a mess.

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    I was originally very excited about iCloud. I'd been using Microsoft Word and Excel since 1990 and I switched over to Pages and Numbers, investing many hours learning the differences, so I could update my files when I was away from home (on my iPad or iPhone) and find them all automatically synced on my Mac Pro and my Macbook when I got back.


    But there was a problem. I figured it had something to do with my version of Numbers and Pages, so I made sure I upgraded to the latest versions of both. Still, there was no option to sync. I called tech support and they took ages to finally tell me that it only works for iOS 5 devices and that if I want to copy a file to or from the Mac, I have to use

    That, however, is not syncing. It won’t even download the file from iCloud to the same file name and location. The file goes to downloads and “-1.numbers” is appended to the file name. So I’d have to manually rename the file to the original name, then copy the file to my documents folder and replace the original folder. I could just email the file to myself and accomplish the same thing.

    This is unacceptable. Apple said pages and numbers documents would sync across ALL devices. That’s simply false advertising.

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    Agree - Apple should really look at this and fix it. They've promoted this great new idea, but it is totally not deliverying - plus add to that they've said Mobile Me which is actually better then iCloud is going. At least with Mobile Me you could upload what you want on iDisk and share it. Plus you have Galleries that are up to you waht you upload - not this rubbish Photostream - I don't want to upload every stupid snap I take with an iPhone! I want to be able to share galleries from Aperture etc.


    My problem is this with iCloud. I share a documet from Pages to iWork. Then I log in from my laptop to the iCloud and there is no document!!!! I have to actually log in via iWork - to see my documents. So to test this I log out. Then go to and log in using same login - guess what - NO DOCUMENTS...?


    How is the the cloud done right Apple?

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    I have an IPad 2 and had an IPhone 3GS...both with IOS5 and it worked perfectly - my numbers files synced between the 2 devices without any problems.


    Since I am useing my IPhone 4S I cannot get the files back on it...I can see the files on ICloud, even my IPhone 4S sees that there is a file but I cannot get it back into numbers on the IPhone. No Idea how to fix this issue!

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    One problem can be solved mldixon:


    In the Airport Utility @ the Base Station section where the Apple ID has to be entered to share the own attached disks, the comment states: 'Using Back to My Mac you can access this AirPort base station for sevices such as file sharing...'


    So I added in the System Preferences in the Sharing Prefpane the 'Screen Sharing' and 'Allow access for' 'only these users:' and left it empty.


    After this steps I am able to access my attached disks again from outside my local network as before with mobile me.


    Every problem else from yours I am suffering too - maybe 10.8 will solve these...

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    This ***** not becuase we expected the technology, its becuase we were made to think that we were getting it. That, this would work easily with everything and this is not the case at all  

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    Apparently this will all be solved with Mountain Lion.

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